The First Ever Podcast

So I decided to start my own podcast that I will be posting every Wednesday along with my weekly column every Sunday.

This is my first ever podcast so I touched on a lot of things you guys might find interesting.

For instance I talked about my concussion, why I started the Z score, my articles and some basketball.

So I hope you guys enjoy

Intro: 0-1:10

Concussion and why I created the Z score: 1:10-3:50

Introducing Tomas:3:50-4:30

How I got robbed for funniest person: 4:30-4:50

SAT talk 4:50-7:25

The friend zone hypophysis: 7:25-7:57

Are we sure game of thrones is good: 7:57-9:04

London game: 9:04-12:30

PER: 12:30-16:35


Why Kevin love is better than kyrie:18:03-22:23

Khris Middleton: 22:23-24:40

Jahil Okafor: 24:40-27:00

Hassan Whiteside Lebanese league mvp:27:00-28:14

Back to Jahil: 28:14-29:30

Brandon Ingram love: 29:30-30:37

Clippers talk: 30:37-34:35

Netflix model vs network model:34:45-37:00