The First Soccer Pod

The Z Score Podcast is back:


We did a Football edition this time with Nader Issa:

Intro 0-2:20

Expected Goals 2:20-5:00

Chelsea 6:20-12:00

Spurs 12:00-13:10

Liverpool 13:10-21:00

Arsenal (also why English teams struggle in Europe)21:00-44:00

Manchester City 44:00-53:00

Manchester United 53:00-1 hour 11:00

Derby Preview 1 hour 11:00- 1 hour 20:00

Although we spoke about one of the games this weekend the rest of it should hold up pretty well.

The Z Score Podcast should be up on iTunes soon so look forward to that.

Special thanks to Miki Rana for the new logo

Hope you guys enjoy

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