The Comic Nerds make their debut, Childish Gambino is so disrespectful + why we hate Captain Marvel

This podcast is dedicated all the comic book nerds out there:

Top 5 comics right now
Civil War 2 talk (7 minutes in)
Most important comic book actor of all time (20 minutes in)
Why comic books sequels are actually better (24 minutes in)
My Batman is going to gay theory (25 minutes in)
Marvel Phase 3 problems (27 minutes in)
Hot take: Justice League will be better than infinity wars (33 minutes in)
The Winter and the Dark Knight should have been nominated for an Oscar(37 minutes)
Donald Glover shouldn’t be in Star Wars (39 minutes in)
Zach Snyder keep getting them checks while Matthew Vaughn is just chilling (41 minutes in)
Batman speculation (45 minutes in)
#freeyoungjustice (49 minutes in)

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