Are We Sure Game Of Thrones Is Still Good?

Yes, you heard me right. Are we sure the show which has captured (much to our detriment) our hearts and minds is still good? Are we sure the most pirated and one of the most televised shows in human history is still worth watching?

By this point all of you guys are probably shouting- “burn him at the stake, how dare he utter such blasphemy”. And if you are actually thinking that, you probably watch too much Game of Thrones.

To be perfectly honest I never thought I would see the day in which I, one of the most devout followers of this show would grow tired of it. I would spend hours watching all the lore videos (I know that Bran the Builder was the one who built the high walls of Winterfell for some reason), reading all the different theories available online. Heck, I would even watch 20-minute videos after each episode to see what the difference is between the show and the book.

But, alas all good things must come to an end, and I’ll tell you why Game of Thrones is coming to its end. I am not saying that Game of Thrones is going to get cancelled anytime soon, and HBO recently announced that it’s going to run for three more seasons. All I am saying is that Game of Thrones is never going to be the show it once was, and I’ll explain why below.

Khaleesi stopped getting naked.

The END.

Thank you for your time.




Haha, in all seriousness though these are a couple of the reasons why I think Game of Thrones has already peaked.

The death of interesting characters:

What made Game of Thrones such a once in a generation type show is because of the once rich yet now desolate group of characters. I mean think about it, in the first few seasons, we would bounce from one character to the next each with his own enthralling storyline. But as the seasons kept chugging along attrition begun to creep in. Characters kept dying off without replacement.

In the first season alone there were 58 deaths, including the death of three major characters Robert of House Baratheon, Khal Drogo and lastly Ned of House Stark (which still hurts by the way). But as viewers, we still didn’t see the cracks forming because the show had so many more interesting characters that could easily carry the show on their own.

In the second season, there were 130 deaths, of which the only main character is Renly Baratheon (who?). Which is fine with such a violent show, you would expect such a high death count every season. Also, we got dragons at the end, so it was totally worth it.

In the third season, 86 people died. That is less than season 2 but let us remember that the Red Wedding happened that year (which might be the greatest wtf moment in TV history). Jeor Mormont (whatever), Talisa Stark (super hot), Catelyn Stark, that dope Greyhound, and lastly my guy ROBB FUCKING STARK.

The fourth season, with its 182 deaths is one of the bloodiest ever. It also doubles as the season that some of the cracks in the show began to show up. Of these 182 deaths about five, are those of main characters. This season saw the death of the infamous King Jeoffrey (which doubles as one of the greatest moments in human history), Ygritte Jon Snow’s girlfriend (the “you know nothing Jon Snow” girl), Shae Tyrion Lannister’s whore/ girlfriend (I have no clue) and finally Tywin Lannister (who died dropping a deuce).

I would just like to thank Waldo Reyes and Matt Sicat for spoiling that for me. Also thank you, Matt, for ruining Captain America: Civil War and the Walking Dead, all of which happened under the watchful eyes of Mr.Ramos no less.

If you’ve made it this far you’re probably marvelling at the fact that you 594 read words about Game of Thrones. Which is probably 594 more words than you’ve ever read about Game of Thrones. But anyways, it’s time to talk about the fifth season of Game of Thrones which is probably by far my least favourite. In this season, there were probably 48 deaths. I say probably because what happened with Jon Snow is still up for debate (he’s still alive btw) also with whatever happened with Theon and Sansa. But lets for a second assume that all these characters besides the bastard Snow are dead.

Who are we going to watch next year?

I mean really who are we going to watch?

Arya is blind and annoying, Sansa has a good chance of being dead, Daenerys won’t get naked and has become super indecisive and depressing, there is only so much hate we can still muster up for Cersei at this point, Bran Stark (the kid who can control a wolf or whatever) probably has the worst storyline in the entire show.

On the bright side, we can always count on Tyrion for some one-liners, Jon Snow is probably going to kick a lot of ass next year, the fight between the Martell’s and the Lannister’s looks promising, the return of the Dothraki is cool.

Let’s be clear here, I am not saying that season 6 won’t be good, because by normal standards it still will be. But, by Game of Thrones standard, it’s probably not going to be the best. Even though there are still a ton of interesting story lines, there aren’t as many of them to keep us entertained.

Allow me to make a sports analogy (because everything is a sports analogy and it’s my blog so leave me alone). To maximise Sansa’s potential, you don’t want to be calling plays for her. You want her to be coming off the bench, scoring when need be, within the flow of the offence. She isn’t a foundational piece. Could she be part of a foundation? Sure, she can. But asking her to be the star is unfair, not only to the show but more importantly to her character. So if an episode wants to be good, she can’t have more than 25 minutes of air time.

Also, it’s worth noting that almost everyone I just mentioned is going to die.

Who, specifically?

I don’t know.

But I just know they will.


Because death is the one constant in Game of Thrones. George believes that the fantasy genre suffers as a whole from invincible protagonists (think Harry Potter and Frodo), so he makes sure to kill off as many of them as possible to keep us guessing.

This is the last thing I am going to leave you guys with.

Game of Thrones is depressing:

What was the last episode you watched where you taught to yourself “My day just got better by watching this”.

The answer is probably never right?

Watching a Game of Thrones episode is the emotional equivalent of being punched in the face by the Mountain. It’s not fun, but we keep doing this to ourselves, and we probably will keep doing this to ourselves, myself included.

I am not saying that it’s a bad show or anything. It is still one of my favourites on TV, but it’s no longer my favourite, and I doubt it’s still yours as well.

But I hope season 6 is good because I am going to watch it regardless. And if it isn’t good I hope Khaleesi gets naked.

It’s only fair.


I hope you guys learned a thing or two

Shami out

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