Rome, Complexity and Christ| Chapter 4| The Death of the Gods and the revolt Against Reason

The greatest arsonists in the history of the world, enemy of Caesar-Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

The above point is worth repeating us otherwise the history of the world does not make sense. J

Jesus Christ is an enemy of Caesar Augustus emperor of Rome. The greatest terrorist the Rome has ever seen (which is why they killed him).

Jesus destroyed the old gods except one. The one of his native people, the Jewish God-Yahweh. It is important to understand that the contemporaries of Yahweh were Zeus, Odin, and the like. He’s the lone survivor.

What is the difference between the old and the new gods? Good and evil are their names.

It is important to understand that this the Christians are the ones who lost Rome. The more Christian the Empire became the more its borders shrank. The Christians were the hippies of antiquity.

Rome was not anarchist enough. Kato-Rome’s last citizen. Because he ruined it.

Rome’s complexity.

Stoic values:

stoicism is paegen ideology fundamentally about the nature of freewill to despise fortunate the gods

the church was the superstructure which led to European localism, allowing for trade and

Medieval localism