A Post Modern Society| Chapter 7| The Death of the Gods and the revolt Against Reason

The official post modern year- 1964.

The official post modern technology-the telivision.The modern era, defined by it’s static black and white pictures. The modern, colored moving images.

The peak year of the postmodern era is 1969. For those serious about life, we got the moon landing and the first two-way variable image machine the computer.

The hippies got Woodstock.

But the process of course, post modernity is a natural byproduct of an information technology which exploded after World War Two. With the commercialization of the variable image machine known as the television, the camera.

but took time, to be reflected in the Geist. can be defined, in information theoretical terms. the moment, in time that people have tended more towards their shared imagination. through these information mediums than the reality they see otherwise.

Again, the delineating boundary between the postmodern and the modern state is the nature of information technologies. Where the centralised nature of information technologies of the modern state (cinema, radio, the newspaper) led to the ability to centralise attention.

The Postmodern state made this task all the more difficult. The Russian state had to jam with radio free Europe. making mass brainwashing all the more challenging.

All the information technologies of the earliest 20th century. would cheapen such that, it became accessible to the individual. The Polaroid, along with the handheld camera, made image capture more ubiquitous.

The baby boomers

During the postmodernists time there was a concurrent explosion in population. In the chief postmodern state, the USA. The much discussed, often maligned-baby boomers.

These boomers, are set to be the first ever teenagers. As the information typography of the time. Allowed children, to spend more time with mass culture than their parents. These first teenagers who were born after World War Two. Which ended in September 1945. Would officially become an adult in 1964. The first, postmodernists generation came of age in 1964.

The universities

they went to university. at an unprecedented rate in human history. not to study anything worth studying.Why think, when there’s an English department. The English department amounting to formulized book club. except were one person gets to tell you how much you understand the book. so exactly like book club. All you need is two idiots to start a university department. One to teach and the other to be taught.. diots are also easily radicalised on top of that young people are terrific buffoons.

Much of the political as they say the radicalization, which characterise 1960s Quite honestly stems from the fact that there was never such a concentration of idiocy in human history in one place. Because the thing about young people like any good idiot, they do not understand that they’re idiots

The Hitler Youth

this is not a point regarding the nature of the political protests of the 1960s. But, a point concerning the radical nature of youth as such. Nazi Germany had children calling in their parents as enemies of the state.

Post modern Philosophical thought

Post modernism- a point in history, not a political philosophy, Because what does Baudrillard (the intellectual inspiration of the Matrix movie )have to do with Foucault (the philosophical equivalent of a mosquito). I put Foucault into a category of people which I call the post truth philosophers. Is there such a thing as absolute truth? The original father of this movement- Hegel. Whose theories of culture and temporal relativism. Long since been stretched past his breaking point (recently mathematize as of this book).

As to the question, are there things which transcend time and culture? The answer-yes. Mathematics. As to the question is mathematics invented or discovered? Its symbolic mapping is invented the rest discovered. Every culture has a language and this language changes. Have you tried listening to Shakespeare of late?

However, modern mathematics is the Hindu Arabic numbers system, Greek geometry, Arabic algebra, French, algebraic geometry, English/ German calculus, etc. All cultures share the same mathmatics that gets added to throught time. If a thought abandoned, ot is because the culture that produced it has died.

The Times They Are a Changin:On the Birth and Death of Rock and Roll

Bob Dylan’s last acoustic set at the the Newport Folk Festival was in 1964. The set started with- the times they are changing. Did the older pianists think that young whippersnapper Ludwig Beethoven sucked? Or was he considered a prodigy? It was the latter.

Music is habit forming- you like the music that you’ve listened to before.Intra-generational differential in habit formation begets intra-generational conflict. So when did the time start to really change?

If one understands rock and roll as the electrification of classical instruments.One understands that a generation gaslamp might have some qualms because it’s nothing like anything they never heard before. Have you seen/heard a Led Zeppelin concert?

But it wasn’t Led Zepplin which bore the brunt of this change. Ironically it came from the man who told us that the times were in fact a changing-Bobby Dylan. It is precisely because Dylan noticed the change in the times- did he in fact change. A third of the Newport Folk Festival booed him when he transitioned from acoustic to electronic instruments.

Oasis-The last rock and roll band

However, fear not for rock and roll also died and was replaced by the computer (with its electronic sounds) this new music makes as little sense to rock and roll as rock and roll did to folk. Oasis- the last rock and roll band (because rock and roll is not just a music genre but an attitude) said it best. “[techno] just doesn’t make sense to me”

The death of old hollywood

the media landscape is a function of the cost of symbolising information. The greater the cost, the greater the minimum necessary scale needed. as expressed, by the number of nodes in the network. the number of preferences that the content needs to appeal to. the more generic the content becomes. As it has to appeal to these exclusionary elements of the set minority rule,

Content studios, best thought in information theoretic terms. Act as a high dimensional information search clusters. which returns content in order to satiate a specific set of preferences.

I dialectic shared. Information Communication then occurs between the studio and the content creator. From an information theoretic standpoint, the content creator is asked to return high dimensional and unstructured data in the form of content.

What series of pixels will cause correspond to a seizure preferences. This is the exact opposite of a of a factory line worker who is paid on his ability to execute a low dimensional task as as necessary of the efficiency advantage of the division of labour, while direct was employed as a proxy entrepreneur, where the information he asked to return is unknown in nature.

The medium itself determines the possibility space, the lower the scale of the content. The possibility space is increasing with a decreasing cost of communicating information. the more the content will match the preferences of any one individual. satellite cable and the internet are just a means to interface with the consumer. The more the content matches their preferences, the more time they will spend attempting to it.

Information agents, are needed to actualize the possibility space.

isomorphic in nature, the possibility space of content decreasing in isomorphic competition.

The studio like any other form needs to satiate a set of preferences over a geographic geographical area. with the increased size of the International box office.

principally China.

having forced Hollywood studios to create content more appealing to non Americans.

thereby changing the nature of the content preferences to more global. robbing American cinema of its originality

Japan a culture which produces culture, only for itself in contrast, the net

Nazi Germany made poor entertainment compared to German historical standards. the entertainment was centralised to the Office of gerbils. due to the repetitive nature, less people that people to read less newspapers. with circulation haven’t been dropped []. Additionally, in the realm of theatre. Works bt Shakespeare and Goethe. without perform the Nazi counterparts.

As the skill needed for information communication is decreasing. the possibility space of content is increasing .niche content is therefore, increasing.

The studios usually take the other side of the Interpro consumption trade by paying large advances to yours able to produce a high equity stake in the content allowing them to profit from the greater upside

The studios exchange capital for the intellectual product of the content creator.

The modern studio system has evolved from the studio system of the Golden Age era of Hollywood, where unlike yesteryears actor are are not beholden to the studio. This shirt represents the power in this she has the cost of recording decreases talent becomes more valuable labour.

Sports free Agency

In this can be seen in the free agency of sports. is an extension of the same phenomenon occurred during the televised era.

As Agents Act forth as high dimensional Search searches and links between the nodes of the entertainment network, the power of the agents is a function of the power of their clients. So a rise in the prominence of agents, which peaks in the 90s is currently a reflection of the power of stars in the studio system, which is currently less of a factor with the decreasing prevalence of movies.

Television-The Variable Image Machine

Televisions could first represent these images in black and white without sound. In future, they would be able to represent these images with an increasing precision over a larger screen with better colour and sound. The cost of creating these larger projected images would decrease giving us a greater variety of these images.

The rise of postmodern sports:

1964 was also the year the first televised World Series. also known as the death of baseball. Baseball, best expericed in person, or on radio.American football, became the postmodern sport. People would rather watch the NFL on TV than in person. basketball better, the closer you are to the floor and it was also good on TV (minus the fourth quarter timeouts).

The Rise of postmodern space-Disneyland

Disneyland, the first place in space of imagination land. the first brick and mortar manifastestion of man’s imagination. Disneyland is squarely a postmodern phenomenon. With the concept premiering first as a TV show, not an amusement park.

Modern Nostaligia

Betty Croquette,

Post Modern Food

The chicken nugget, one of the grear abominations of western civilization. The definition of post modern food stems from the shift of emphasis between calorically dense foods. Which were most necessary the closer one is to the level of subsistence. To calorically nutritious food.

The automobile

The notion of post modern food taken to its nth conclusion with food that looks but does not taste good is produced.

Post Modern Clothing-Fashion

Destressed Denim,

The Birth of the consumer society

Edward Bernays, nephew of one Sigmund Freud. the man, who introduced psychology to the field of economics.by getting firms to interface with the ego of the consume. Consumers would identify, with the products they purchase. Mass consumerism, thus became an act of self expression. The number of products, that is available for self expression, increasing in the modularity of manufacturing.

Prior to pre-packaged manufacturing, products had no labels. If you wanted butter from the grocer. The grocer would literally cut out exactly how much butter from a slab of the yellow goo. Same for anything else in the store. A branded good being an econonmic object.

I want to be like Mike the rise of the entertainment dollar:

profiting over likeness.

Televising sports also increased the money in the industry with the money received from advertising, having long surpass those from ticket sales.

This increase in money made its way to players creating a divide between players and the fans. newspaper reporters soon began to share is that players cared more about their wardrobe than they did about winning.

as only cost of communication is the cost of attention as quantified by the cost of advertising.

Concurrent with the rise of advertising comes the majority of the industry, products attract attention to mimetic identification.

Now brining this back to Austrian economics. Karl Menger made the point that value does not exist outside of the consciousness of man (someone please tell the Marxists this). So the job of companies specifically is 1) to facilitate the value process of their customer 2) appeal to the cognitive realm or as i refer to it as “the attention dimension”. It is these people who try to appeal to your attention, as Tim Wu puts it “the attention merchants” which are the ones who gain value by interfacing with your consciousness. 

Using this economic lens, Product create/gain value by interfacing with us emotionally through the ego dimension, which is simply the monetization of human feelings. The Total level of interfacbility is given by a function called price. And the Toal profit of the firm would be their total interfacability in the ego dimension. 

The Post Modern Crisis-Cuba

Miami is what Cuba used to be (plus cocaine). The American cultural phenomena of cocaine. Originating with the movie Scarface. Despite its protagonist, Tony Montana (Al Pacino). Dying a decrepit death. Made all the more decrepit, by the sensational amounts of cocaine snorted.

There is a false equivalence drawn. between American nukes in Turkey, with Soviet nukes in Cuba. Cuba, naturally under an American sphere of influence. Turkey, not under Russia’s. Turkey once the Ottoman empire, once the Byzantine Empire, once the Eastern Roman Empire. A civilization onto itself. One of the greatest civilizations ever lived. A perfectly suitable location for American missiles.

The fall of Cuba to communism is the second greatest American geopolitical disaster of the 20th century. Cuba a country so close that it was decreed that if any country were to claim independence of Cuba from Spain, there will be at war with the United States. The United States wants even invaded Cuba itself.

JFK- The First Post Modern President

The generals wanted to invade Cuba. John F. Kennedy (JFK), did not. JFK one of America’s great IYI president. The model of the newly in vogue Kennedy man. the archetypal idea of masculinityhaving shifted to the tall and skinny. Khrushchev a boorish brute. more resembblig traditional masculinity, did not get the memo that .

Khrushchev, saw JFK as someone that can be bullied. Khrushchev was the most surprised by the American asymmetric response to Soviet missiles. would want would worry about the Russians response to which there was none.

JFK did not invade Cuba, in fear of Soviet response. but was willing to launch an advanced nuclear assault on communist Russia.

If nuclear weapons were based in the Bahamas. the fear of a Soviet nuclear strike in case of an American Cuban invasion. So to curb these fears, you decide to do it yourself. Again, the standard returning page JFK is a hero, a force extraordinaire. What an imbecile

The notion of a Mutually Assured Destruction. Is an insane concept, as it is rational escalation that results in nuclear war. An irrational actor, is not required for Armageddon. Just the turning of the gears of state.

The USA will just be following the precedent set by the communist Invasion of Korea. It’s the stupidity of it all that is offensive. With the complete lack of American backbone seven celebrating the returning of incidents. The natural response from the communist is not an invasion of Western Europe, nor an attack on Turkey, nor anything for that matter.

Vietnam-the first post modern war

During the 1991 invasion of Iraq, Baudrillard would write a series of essays [].

Vietnam being the first post modern war a televised war, unlike current policy that conscription was still in full effect. a war which split American society and as a war in which society has so much recovered from the war in.

fundamentally, the point being it Vietnam was the first war everyone had an opinion about Iraq was the first war, everybody that nobody had an opinion about because nobody felt door. Everyone had an opinion about but nobody felt the war.

Vietnam, a war which started on dubious ground with the Gulf of Tonkin incident. Unlike in Iraq, in In Vietnam, the most unintended consequence occurred. The natives did not want the Americans there.

So what started out as a war against a communist uprising ended up a war against American occupiers.There’s a line of thought, and unrestrained America could have won the war in Vietnam. After all, they could have just glass the entire North Vietnamese Peninsula.

but in what way does that accomplish any military strategy? You are neither seizing landlord killing the enemy. The victorious the victory is not victorious until the Vanquish considers himself so the Vietnamese have never considered themselves vanquished.

Captain America’s about face

His name is Steve Rogers.

But you may know him as Captain America. 

Captain America sprung out at the greatest period of homogenisation in human history.

The art of the time reflects this.

The dystopian future of Aldus Huxley’s Brave New World is a homogenised one. 

Captain America according to his creators is a New Dealer. Who starts his comic debut by punching Hitler in the face. Nevermind the fact that Hitler was a fan of the New Deal (people are stupid idk what to tell you).

Now Captain America from archetypical perspective can be thought as the embodiment of the federal minimum renormalization accelerated by America’s involvement in the world wars. The American soldier fighting for his Uncle Sam until Vietnam.

This wasn’t a volunteer war. the system of volunteering the most effective way to scale the military industrial complex. A percentage of young men, wanting nothing more than the ability to die in glorious combat. much to the chagrin of their mothers.

Colonel David Hackworth, the closest thing to real life Captain America. made his about face in the war in Vietnam. Hackworth having spent his entire life in the military, taking parts of the post World War Two key peacekeeping missions to being a soldier in Korea before making his way to Vietnam by the rank of bracket.

There is nothing conservative about a war in Vietnam. Mr. Libertarian Murray Rothbard had to align himself with left wing anti war protesters.

Henry Kissenger and the Death of History

The question that haunted Henry Kissinger. How does the USA not intervene. when everyone else expects them to. America lacking, any sort of European style conservatism. best implemented by Switzerland. America does have a history not of isolationism, but of self cencenterdism.as a question regarding American foreign policy in the second half of the 20th century, is fundamentally a response to communist expansion by the Soviet state.

Due to their decline, the former imperial powers. Were a unable to maintain the security of the colonies remove the previous obstacles regarding communism to fester.

The domino effect

Communism, from first principles is destined for failure. The greatest benefits of having commies everywhere, is that there is no excuse as to why they’re nonsensical. ideas don’t work, hid there tried to kill as many people as possible, and managed to kill less than communist just being communists. The crazy thing about now is that he saw Stalin kill everyone. He said me too. Mao killed more people than Stein because there was more to kill if anyone wants to intervene against the communists.

The only grounds are on humanitarian grounds. The focus should always be on national defence through the removal of agitators to their motherland, not by going to war with a communist, only markets not work and outcompete communism.

Kissinger and everyone in the Political Science Science Department does not understand this. They talk and people still take communism seriously, much of America can.

What political scientists never understand because they never understand economics. Economics, the most important of all, the humanities.

The Western way of life out competed that under communism. with Western jeans deemed the most desirable. than the Julius drabs of the state, fashion somehow not a centralised level as machine guns.

By far, these communist countries cannot survive without the international markets. These communist economies usually exports specialised raw materials for capital goods, because without the prices someone cannot establish an order of production and order production to transform raw materials into set capital goods. If everyone was a Marxist, we would literally all starve to death at the same time, because we don’t actually get to choose between the tyranny of heaven or the dictatorship of the proletariat.

One does not disagree with, with each according to his ends, to each to his means, or not on moral grounds, but on grounds of possibility, it is not actually possible to implement any of Marx’s idea the answer has always been is currently and will always forever be no Marxist Leninist communism is an impossibility. a figment of imagination, like Batman, Luke Skywalker or benevolent, monotheistic God.

Much of the Americans spent would have been curtailed by Western German armament. But Germany is not allowed an army giving Moscow the old German route to Paris. What is it that they talk about in political science? Exactly.

Chairman’s China-Imagine China, but more centralised

Henry Kissinger, meant to be some sort of super genius. was better off as a chemist.

because the then the USA would not have to intervene will not have introduced his greatest still communist geopolitical rival to score political points.

It was actively nonsensical to reintroduce China to the world.After Henry Kissinger opened up China for no reason whatsoever he could have just chilled

a country that the US fought a war against 20 years before.

However, it’s not that America has produced any better diplomats or anyone are any more intelligent political scientists either.

aware of China in the post postmodern era. It’s rise, is squarely a post modern phenomenon. accelerated in 2013, with the rise of Xi Jinping as the head of the Communist regime.

China’s political processes are picked to outsiders so most question as this is not know how much power she has internally.

However, what can be inferred is that since 2013, there has been an increasing crackdown on corruption in China

A crackdown on corruption is just an expansion of the state. China communist somehow believes they can control the chaotic nature of markets, seemingly flying in the face of Stalin’s decree in the decolonizing decolonization of Ukraine, how can they be a communist state when they are free markets in the countryside?

United States is completely centralised system.

So although China’s growing has to contend with its fruits of its own growth, the rise of China represents the greatest rise of poverty since the Industrial Revolution, just 500 years after Europe did it principally applying Western Technology at an unprecedented scale.

This somehow neglects the fact that the reason that the recent rise was so great because China was so poor, poor because communism is just stupid.

most in the west on the estimated nature of Chinese resolved.

This is because most Americans have no respect for history. As Kissinger himself, would later point out. China, is one of the great civilizations the world has ever known. recently, having undergone an industrial revolution. with four times the population of United States. What did people think they were going to do?

Everything on the above China is heaven. The only reason China’s rise, was not recognised rapidly enough. was because the USA was busy destroying its empire for a line in the sand. While Western pundits were repeating the death of history.

The Contest for the South China Sea

from a military perspective fundamentally. it is not the United States but China’s neighbours will determine their rate of expansion. China’s South Asian growth is is contested by India. Whilst the South China Sea is limited by Japan, South Korea, the Philippines and Taiwan. South Korea is always potentially up for invasion via the Kim Jong Un approach. Taiwan will probably be the first done if the fall if there is to be such an escalation.

The Phillipines

The Philippines, previously thought as a bastion of Americana in Southeast Asia. is increasingly looking towards China. both through immigration and new policies by the new kid on the block Rodrigo Duterte.

Unlike the USA, China has no California. the Philippines can be China’s California. as much of the incumbent political leaders in the Philippines are aligned with the USA. However, due to poor economic policies, there is a growing resentment against the political establishment. by extension, the USA.

a certain percentage of all three of all Filipino businesses has to be held by nationals. This concentrates was in the hands of the same people. as foreign businesses, looking to invest. are forced to go to the same persons that had previously invested.

Prior to the colonisation by the Spanish, there was no ended individual indigenous Filipinos. Most are descendants of whoever whomever went on to the island, Chinese, Spanish, Mexican, etc.


Fundamentally, though it is Japan which poses the greatest determinant to Chinese regional hegemony.

Japan, in the outer shell of the South China Sea. is the greatest obstacle towards Chinese Eastern expansion. Japan, a country of ageing 100 million people. still amounts to one of the greatest civilization the world’s ever seen. the epitome of a civilization unto itself.

Regardless of the interests of the USA. China has a latest litany of historical grievances with Japan. With Japan in WW2 dropping bubonic fleas on Chinese cities. just to see what’s up. China, the regional hegemony for much of his history, has not forgotten.

The inner shell

For military strategic perspective, it is much easier to defend than to project force. American hegemony, is defined by the ability to project force anywhere in the world.

If Japan is able to contain the expansion part of the South China Sea, the question becomes who is able to dominate the inner shell? China, is better able to optimise their weapons with local parameters. making them more combat specific. while the US, has to optimise weaponry it does to fight all over the world.

The mission statement of the American armed forces, is to be able to contest a two fronted war.

Can the USA exercise its sphere of influence both in the Middle East and the South China Sea.

China, despite having a smaller military budget has more than four times as many soldiers.

To upset this China just has to establish hegemony over the South China Sea.

Much of the expense of war comes from rejecting force despite allocating despite a larger budget to transportation costs needs to be considered.

These transportation costs, can be mitigated with advanced military bases \t China’s ability to deploy force in the South China Sea, we must distinguish it amongst two shells. The closest one is to mainland China, the greater the advantage of China.

With Fukuyama declaring the end of history. a statement that really could have literally a statement that. really confused by the ad hoc nature of political science itself. What does the collapse of communism have to do with the changing times the extent to which the times they are changing is the extent to which information can be transported processing symbolises not geopolitical phenomena.

Again, it’s not like the President’s or any smarter either. Putin called the collapse of Russia as, as the greatest as the USSR as the greatest political disaster of the 20th century, not the collapse of Czarist Russia itself, which led to the first communist state, which led to the second fascist state.

Putin still doesn’t seem to understand that the only reason Russia was a superpower, is because Germany and Japan were not allowed to be the French and the English having lost their world power. How can you tell Louis the 14th that France needs the Americans to protect them? From the Russians, France, one of the great civil, the greatest civilization in Europe, asking the Americans for help.

the greatest geopolitical disaster since the fall of Constantinople.

Understand, whose comparable Empire is that only of the conquistadores and the Khans really need the damn yanks protect them against Yuri’s revenge.

How many excuses are we going to make for America’s incompetent, military industrial complex, emerging after the Korean War?

The Space Industrial Military Complex

Ronald Ragen

Although Reagan decreased taxation. he incerased the level of deb.

The military arms race is cited as one of the factors was accelerated the collapse of the Soviet Union, as fundamentally the collapse of Communism is a function of time.

However, all that saw was showed was that a capitalist economy can centralise more resources in a communist economy. as a narrative behind Star Wars, is that the Americans bankrupted the Soviet Union. ignoring the fact that America could not afford Star Wars either. With the government that’s the USC absolutely exploding.

The Soviet Union, despite having an economy 1/3. The size of the USA, if you even want to call it that had achieved rough military parity. The Soviets beat NASA to space, some of the greatest things that humanity has ever produced was produced by the Soviet Union, all while people shared common toilets in their building. Only officials had cars, no one could speak freely.

And being the 50th highest rank person in the Communist Party, the equivalent not not was the equivalent of being a middle class person in Switzerland. So put this into context for you to have to be to have a middle class Swiss lifestyle and Soviet Russia. It is the equivalent of not only making the NBA close to a 0% chance, not only making an all star team. But you would have to make an all NBA team.

Space Wars

The United States, on the other hand, accomplish some of the greatest things man has ever produced, while producing McDonald’s. At the same time. The American consumer was untouched during the Cold War. Not much is made of the inefficiency of the American military industrial complex with the Soviet Union reaching roughly military parity. The reason for this is that the USA decided to innovate with the same sort of centralised position as the Soviets with the

Vannevar Bush, as it is the exact way the communist do things if the Soviet Union was run by committee. the USA by by company, because unlike government institutions. firms can go bankrupt. much of the innovation in space exploration since the Cold War have come from private firms at a fraction of the price.

What is the point of having a capitalist system? If you cannot use it? Not much is made about the bloated the bloated nature of America’s military industrial complex, where billions of dollars have been spent trying to audit the Pentagon. All such attempts of doing so have previously failed.

The Political Economy of Arms Manufacturement

USA maximise the production process not based on efficiency, but on the political economy. By segmenting their production into as many congressional districts as possible. In order to lobby to ensure greater military spending. Spending needs to be increased due to the inefficient production process, thereby rendering the advances of greater military spending.

Now, additionally, greater money spending does not always translate to better killing machines. The M-16. One of the greatest blunders in American history. the Americans ernt to Vietnam with worse machine guns than the Viet-cong. the automatic Kalashnikov 1947 (AK-47), the greatest thing the Soviet Union has ever produced.

The collapse of the USSR


Detroit has to be understood in its historical context. as one of the first great American cities. Prior to the emergence of the new South Texas in the West, California, the east coast of the Midwest were the most developed parts of America. With the great technologies you’re all rubber. Being located in the Midwest, the closest corollary to Detroit to Silicon Valley, instead of computers. The bleeding edge technology was automobiles.

People talk about Detroit like it’s a failure of capitalism. Detroit shows us the power of capitalism. In Soviet Russia, there were hundreds of Detroits. the differences people still live there. Once it was better to live elsewhere they left.

If you’re in the business of bombs, you can sell more once they get blown up. I usually use Ronald Reagan to understand if someone understands the definition of conservatism in the sense Reagan despite being considered the last best example of American service ism. The slogan of his campaign being Make America Great Again, conservatism being a position with respect to time, Reagan expanded government

by increasing government spending, thereby exacerbating the budget deficit.


The Soviet Union was always going to collapse. It was just a matter of stubbornness. How long did the Russians want to see this farce? Through?

Because in order to have a successful revolution. the elites need to be in favour of it. communism being impeccable method of oppression. is kept in place by the elites for them to stay in power.

There was already there was already a revolution against Stalin which weakened ideological core of the USSR. The USSR would have collapsed a lot more quickly had the Arab oil embargo not exploited the price of fuel in the 1970s. Russia, a net exporter having benefited tremendously.

Postmodern Economics

This is really is the era of post-modern economics. In the sense term depression. which has historically been used to describe an economic downturn. Is now barred from history. The more benign term of recession comes into use.


Much of the political turmoil of the 60s was caused by the economic turmoil caused by the war in Vietnam and the reestablished of european and asian industry. the loss of wealth from fighting Vietnam led to the US having to leave the gold standard.

Black monday

The FED into a new paradigm in 1987. Alan Greenspan, would no longer allow financial crises to occur.

Dot Bomb-The 2001 Financial Crisis

The nature of expensive monetary policy destroys the nature of capital application by creating larger bubbles.

The Great Recession

The Black Swan, is not a book about

Quantitative Easing (QE)

The Star Wars Generation

Although the information technology known as cinema began in the early 20th century. It did not peak as a medium until the later half of the same century.

Star Wars

Jaws may have been the first blockbuster. Star Wars was the first phenomena. Movies officially became mass culture with the introduction of Luke Skywalker.

Star Wars was meant to capture the colour of comics. And the excitement of a Flash Gordon strip. In 1977, there was nothing that looked like Star Wars. Much like there was nothing that looked like a comics previous.

The American New Wave

George Lucas, the most influential American filmmaker of all time. Both for his work in advancing the science of film with the aforementioned ILM. I

Lucas also understood digital animation to be a cheaper than live action. Lucas was forced to sell to Steve Jobs (due to a divorce) the company that would later become Pixar.

LM was responsible for the effects of every Spielberg movie (they were friends from film school).

This idea of a blockbuster is currently being taken to its nth conclusion by current Hollywood.

There were a lot of factors which plays into the suppose that “new wave” of American cinema for the rise of American cinema as such, the primary contributing factor to this new age is the decreasing is a decrease in the cost of the ability to encode information. Demand curve has been downward sloping. Cheaper means more people could shoot a video, as evidenced by the creation of the first genre, the genre of music videos, and the effects of MTV.

There was also a change in the leadership of the cinema industry, where the aforementioned intergenerational shift collapsed the movie industry, there were movies for a different generation long since age after changed. In the director pool a series of explosive movies would would come out Rebel Without a Cause the graduate these new directors are straight out of film school, and were better able to to appeal to the preferences of the time.

The Hollywood Studio Systsem

Industrial Light Magic

The moment that it could, it would, it would have been easier to send man to the moon than to make the Matrix movie in 1969. it’s worth understanding at what point in history the Matrix comes out.


VHS tape.

The Most Post Modern Movie-Roadtrip


With the death of the DVD, having profoundly restructured the economics of the movie industry. These economics suggest only high cost blockbusters are are the are the viable option.

The Last Post Modern Movie-Superbad

The Birth of cable

We know from Taleb’s minority rule that the preference of the minority if the cost to others are great enough dictate the preferences to have the majority.

If one in 10 at a dinner do not like sushi-you don’t eat sushi.

So when content is created towards a general audience, it has to not offend as many people as possible. It had not to exclude as many sets of preferences. Whilist capturing as many sets of prerences as possible.

This is why the TV of the period was so bland. Everyone had to like it.

Allowing for a lower cost of communication. Cable was able to out compete network television.

Because it it better appealed to the specific sets of preferences for a niche group as the lowering of costs by which to maximise over a decreased number of people which we’re required to sustain a channel.


By interfacing more with each consumers than could be achieved on the network model model advertisers were better able to target consumers.

From a pro social perspective, much of this same forces, which killed monoculture started in duromg the star wars generation.

If one were to look at the art of the time Fight Club, and movie about the cathartic nature of violence, it is squarely a postmodern movie. As the information that script allows people to sub to be subdivided into the disparate niches. That only is that most people associate with the rise of the Internet.

Decades previous people’s attentions really slow to bifurcate with the introduction of the Walkman in 1979, and the VHS in 1984 1976. The VHS lecture, the DVD fundamentally changed the economics of film, but also allowed people to self select their attention.


MTV, one of the great homogenising forces in American history. Given the nature of cable setups, MTV was more accessible to rural youths than their mature person counterparts. Who did not have to experience culture from behind a screen.