The Rise of the State and the Death of God| Chapter 7| Complexity, Information Theory and the Nature of Symbolic systems: The Death of the Gods and the Revolt Against Reason

The French Revolution

The French Revolution is not a revolution against the Crown. The French Revolution is a revolution against the church. 

L’ancient regime

Under l’ancient regime, it was the church that legitimized the Emperor. The modern nation state, is defined by the separation between church and state. The Pope does not need to bless the president. These separation of powers is a means of weakening the church. As the clergy no longer has sway over political matters. Giving the state ability to grow as an independent body.

It was Louis the 14th , who undid l’ancient regime by bringing local elites to one place in space-Versailles. Prior to this centralization, local elites were in contention with the crown. As it was their resources that would be taxed in favor of the king. However, when brought in such close proximity with the crown, local elites began competing between themselves for the king’s favor. The French Revolution was a revolution against the death of medieval localism. It was Europe’s greatest advantage over the rest of the world.

Napoleon the Great

Napoleon the great because he is the only one not to die during the French Revolution. Afterall, “on noms de la bastille, Le jour du gloire est arrivée”. 

The nation state-as an information processor

Why the leviathan leans left

Government is an expansive system because it has the ability to expand itself. The government can always increase its role in society because it controls the rules of the society. The ability of the state to propagate itself en masse is dependent on the nature of information technologies.

Mass culture

Mass culture is the homogenisation across space. The greater the homogenisation, the greater the culture. In this light, train and telegraph can be viewed as the main tools  to achieve homogenisation 

Fractional Reserve Banking

The change the nature of the information communication technology of money allows for the establishment of fractional reserve banking and the modern central bank. People would keep their gold in a warehouse that would issue receipts. These receipts then become banknotes. These banknotes would then become paper currency.

The Difference between Napoleonic and modern armies is scale. Fractional reserve banking, with the establishment of a central bank, allowed the state, through borrowing, to fund destruction at an unprecedented scale.

The First European Civil War: The war of Stupidity

What was naturally a successor to the war of Alsace and Lorraine, a regional war fought amongst regional powers-France and Germany, resulted in a world war. This war eventually destroyed the most complex civilization in the world since Rome- L’Europe durant la Belle Époque. A conflict, catalyzed by a dispute amongst two later defunct empires-the Russian and Austro-Hungarian empire, over the independence of a third people, the Balkans. The war later expanded with the introduction of another power-Anglestan. Over the territorial integrity of a state, Belgium. Belgium lies exactly between its two biggest continental competitors-France and Germany.

For all of this to then be resolved by the introduction of yet another power, the USA. This fresh power allowed the winning party to institute a disastrous ‘peace’ agreement-the treaty of Versailles. That treaty did nothing other than to guarantee another war of the stupids-the second war of the stupids. A war which resulted in the death of European imperialism as such. Everyone who got involved thought not only that they were going to win but also they would win quickly. Europe’s civil war represented fundamental miscalculations by the state from an information processing system.


All Anglestan had to do to win the first world war was, literally and precisely, exactly-nothing. The territorial integrity of Belgium came at the expense of a third of the wealth of the empire. Prior to the war, Anglestan, did not even had an army big enough to send for slaughter . Their Expeditionary Forces, of one hundred thousand veteran troops, was so small that the Kaizer joked that he would have them arrested by the German police.

Instead of of imposing a naval blockade of Germany, that would eventually cause Germany to surrender, Anglestan, changed the nature of its armed forces. Just so that they can be stupid. Anglestan was under constant pressure by the French to help them reinforce the western front. Seemingly forgetting that Anglestan shares no border with Germany and that it has the best Navy in the world. Fortress Britain, so impenetrable that decades later Germany with continental supremacy could not invade.

Czarist Russia

The fall of Czarist Russia is the greatest geopolitical disaster since the fall of Constantinople to Turkic invaders. Russia has been a paper tiger since Peter the Great. The history of Russia bifurcates with that of Europe since the Mongol invasion of the world. Unlike Western Europe, Russia was not saved from the wrath of the Khan.

The Wrath Khan

Ghenghis Khan, conquered the world by exploiting the internal conflicts of his enemies. As a result, the political body of the Mongol’s was overly centralized. After sending scouts,s all the way past Vienna. General Ogadai had to turn around due to a death in the family. Saving much of christendom. The only reason that the Mongols did not ransack Paris-fortune.

Mongolian hegemony is a neglected point in European history. So much so, that Russia literally chose not to record this period in its history. This is a decision the Russians would later regret during the Japanese Russia war on the eve of World War One. The Japanese Imperial Navy, post Meiji Restoration,  absolutely annihilating the Russian Pacific Fleet. Before, then,  smashing the Russian Baltic Fleet that traveled halfway across the world just to die. Showing, that even on the eve of war, it is clear that Russia failed the transition from medieval to modern society

The Mongol invasion led to the complete destruction of Russia’s nobility class. Effectively opting Russia out of European localism. Unlike the rest of Europe, Russia is characterized by incessant centralization over a large geographic area and population. Whenever Russia finds itself at a rough tech parity with Europe. Its greater population puts it at an advantage. Though the opposite is also true. This overt centralization, however, makes Russia a less technologically innovative society. The history of Russia is a history of centralizers. Unlike the rest of Europe, Russia can only be changed from the top down. One great centraliser, centralizes. Only for that very same centralization to be the reason for it to be left behind, once again. Not understanding, the system itself is the problem .

This can be seen by Russia as difference in Europe’s two civil wars. In that sense that, Russia lost to a smaller German army in the First World War. Only to ransack Berlin in the second. This is because much of the technologies of the early industrialization Revolution had become more standardized and accessible. Allowing these technologies, to be adopted in an easier fashion. Additionally, the uSA was supplying arms to Czarist Russia. Stalin, lamented that his war was a war of American weapons and Russian men. Hilariously, the worker’s party is bad at making things.

The death of Caesar

The principal point of Europe’s civil war for Russia, was its inability to renormalize to the national scale. Unlike the rest of Europe, which boast the first examples of the nation state as such. Like Louis the 16th before him, the Czar ceased to be able to feed his people. The most fundamental failure of a state. However, Czarist Russia inability to secure the food supply of its population while waging total war eventually collapsed the regime. It is important to understand Russia, later the Soviet Union, was the first communist state. Something must have fundamentally gone wrong for that to happen.

On the eve of its eventual collapse, Czarist Russia launched an illogical offensive against Germany. Motivated by their allies, they did not want the monopoly on stupidity. Thereby knocking itself out of the war. Had Russia not overreached, we never would have had a communist state.

The Formerly united States of America (uSA)

Teddy the cowboy Rosevelt

Teddy, dubbed “the cowboy ” Rosevelt by JP Morgan. The cowboy’s reign as a president amounts to the second worst presidency in American history. The cowboy fundamentally changed the nature of the American presidency with an unprecedented explosion of the use of executive actions. The cowboy was responsible for much of America’s exit from isolationism with the colonization of Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the Philippines. These colonies were the impetus for America’s involvement in the second world war.

Parallel to his expansionist foreign policy, there was a great narrative that portrayed the cowboy as a great trust buster. Seemingly ignoring that all the busted trusts, through the Sherman Act, were those of the house Rockefeller. the Sherman Act was later used by House Rockefeller contra the House Morgan.

It was Teddy the cowboy who would later run on a progressive ticket. Thereby splitting the Republican vote and paving the way for the first intellectual, yet idiot, President (IYI) PhD, Dr. Woodrow Wilson.

Woodrow Wilson PhD-The first Intellectual, yet Idiot, (IYI) President

Woodrow Wilson PhD (in Political Science), was the third worst president in the history of the United States of America. If the cowboy changed the nature of the American presidency, Wilson changed the nature of America forever. Injecting it from a policy of neutrality, not isolation rephrase. There was no real reason why the uSA should join Europe’s civil war. A war between imperial powers. The uSA shares no border with any of the World War actors. uSA lies on another continent and is a democracy, not an imperial state.

However, despite this, the uSA instructed Germany that if any American ship was to be sunk by a German submarine, that would constitute, a formal declaration of war. The Kaizer would report that this was the maritime equivalent of going to war. If an American gets killed walking through the Battle of the Some incomplete sentence.

Woodrow Wilson PhD would lament the need for more Americans to die in battle so that he gains legitimacy on the bargaining table. The lives of, his citizens were literally bargaining chips. I would understand this from a Caesar or a Stalin. but this is from the leader of a democracy. These were his voters that he was sending to die.

The disaster of Versailles

There is a false revisionist history that compares Germany’s treaty with the collapse of Imperial Russia with the Treaty of Versailles, aka, the Treaty of the stupids. Because the treaty with Russia was so harsh the Imperial Russian state devolved into socialism, an unparalleled act in human history. Of course it was going to be damaging. Western powers did not want a socialist state, nobody wanted a socialist state.

Germany, by contrast, is a historical upstart in a multipolar power world. therefore instead of having to contend with the new power. The old powers tried to cripple a rising Germany at the negotiating table. due to the threat of a fresh United States. Germany could have just continued the war if it did not like the peace terms.

The US entered into World War One in 1917. This allowed the allies to propose an unparalleled and also untenable peace treaty known as the Treaty of Versailles. At the end of the Napoleonic Wars, however, the treaty that France received was far more generous than the Treaty of Versailles. For it was assumed that France, long Europe’s hegemon, would forever be a player on the European stage.

The Birth of a Germany:

Germany is the most recent out of all of the large European states. As Germany, with the aid of centralizer Bismarck, achieved national renormalization late. Prussia’s army, ever in search of a state, found one at last. The difference between the French and the German State is-competence.

The Great (avoidable) Depression

Not only were most of the economists blindsided by the depression, their remedies did not work. In addition, they had no idea when the depression was going to end either. In fact, their remedies were a testament to the power of Hermes as a god. Hermes being the God of commerce. In the midst of the Great Depression in history, the US was burning crops in order to create global scarcity to drive up prices for American farmers. The literal equivalent of trying to drain the sea with a bucket. The road to insanity is gradual then sudden.

President Harding

President Harding, the last great president of the United States, who was laissez fair not on philosophical grounds, but on laziness grounds. After all, maybe if George W Bush had a better poker game, there wouldn’t have been a second Iraq invasion.

The actions of the Hoover government exasperated the crisis. Hoover wanted to have more intervention in its route through the recession through the years following the First World War of the stupids: 1918 and 1919. He was then ridiculed by the laissez faire President Hart. By the time Hoover had nudged Harding into action, the recession resolved itself as a miracle, seemingly an economic recovery without government.

Hardening went on to die during his presidency. In his memoirs, a secret service member theorizes that it was the wife, hiding about being in the middle of a mafia scandal. You can do anything but bore and embarrass a woman. She allegedly poisoned him. The greatest possible generation of the Office of presidency is that incompetent has not been better than average. It’s been the best in a century.

The Hoover Administration

In order to make the pound attractive, the dollar was kept artificially at a lower rate. The USA and Anglestan have the same credit rating. The country with a higher rating will absorb excess liquidity. The Hoover government did not increase its artificially low interest rates enough to offset the market repricing.

Unlike the English neoclassical school of economics which was surprise by the great depression. The Austrian school of economic thoughthe predicted it, gave a theory to explain the depression through Austrian business cycle theory and then gave the remedy for fixing the crisis.

More fundamentally, the Great Depression is a natural consequence of the inability to accept the loss of wealth caused by the First War of the stupids. The depression was exacerbated by the very same policies which were designed to solve it. Prior to the establishment of fiat currency, the world’s currencies were linked to a gold standard. The wanton trust people have for paper currency is a reasonably new phenomena in history,

The attraction of gold as a medium stems from the fact nobody could “print it”. For a foreign exchange perspective, gold made a lot of sense. As the value of any given currency is just its weight in gold. The more gold in the coin, the more gold in the economy.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Great Britain, back when Britain was great, was the commerce capital of the world. This gave Britain the largest gold reserve in the world and consequently the world’s most valuable currency. However, Britain lost a third of its wealth ‘winning’ the First War of the stupids. The Bank of England, (BOE), pretended that there was no capital loss to start with when Europe was sending itself back to the Stone Age.

Central bankers would coordinate purchases of Gold over time to ensure the integrity of the pound, effectively going against the market. The reason for the abrupt accent of American Imperial hegemony stems from the fact that America had its civil war fifty years prior. That allowed the uSA, to use the dollar to rebuild the world at the expense of the pound.

Fundamentally, a cheap dollar is what makes the world go round. Instead of accepting the fact that the dollar should be the most valuable currency in the world. The federal reserve has continued a regime of artificially suppressing the value of the dollar.

Europe’s second civil war: The war of good and evil

Evil, in an information theoretic terms, refers to the advent of mutual exclusivity. The devil (the symbolic mapping of evil) is the difference between us-as it is the most different that gets scapegoated. The reason why the Palestian’s call the Israelis evil and vice versa is that they mutually have an  exclusive claim to the same land. Evil is necessary for the scaling of complex systems-what is known as the lucifer principle as competition (mutual exclusivity) begets greater complexity. 

Good in an information theoretic sense refers to value creation. What makes capitalism a tyranny of heaven, is that capitalism is based on the mutual coincidence of wants. The more valuable you are, the more people will want you. 

The reason why the second world war is the war of good and evil is that Hirahito’s Japan and Nazi Germany had to die. These societies, if you are not an Aryan or Japanese, did not want you in them. Now it is important to understand that good always triumphs over evil. We know this from Paradise lost, God (good) wins the epic battle over Satan (evil). But, God does not kill Satan, and after losing his battle with God (so goes Paradise lost) the devil makes his way into the mind of man. 

Nazi Germany

The fundamental question of this period in history is to what extent was Nazi Germany an aberration or part of the historical trend of the Germany. Germany, being one of the most recent European states, had to renormalize the national level.

Unlike the other great revolutions in history, the Nazis were elected into office. Granted the Nazis lacked a majority in parliament. However, that’s because nobody had a majority in parliament. Having said that, the Nazis did lose seats before seizing complete power. Once in power, the Nazis in all likelihood burnt down the German Chancellory in order to seize the state. The Nazis, at the end of the day, were the only political parties to control to wrest control from the army. The former state, within a state, was unwilling to march against the Third Reich. As the loyalty of any given unit cannot be guaranteed because they were Nazis. Heil Hitler was a standard telephone greeting after all.

The Nazis made the most of the neglected German pride once they seized the state. It was clear that the Nazis captured Germany’s imagination. Some aspects of Nazism was the reestablishment of standard Imperial German uniform and decorum. Other aspects involved the greater centralization of the German state. The autobahns, Germany’s interstate highway system, was created by the Nazis.

Public Relations and the Ministry of Propaganda.

The term propaganda is only recently negatively connotated. As at the time , there was literally a minister of propaganda. Propaganda was just a term for the information given by the government. It was best utilized by the British during the First War of the stupids. It kept the English fighting with high morale.

Hegel’s concept of freedom is: are you free if you’re exactly like everyone else? In information theoretical terms, are you an independent agent if you’re a self similar.

Soviet Russia

There were two revolutions in post Soviet Russia. First the Bolshevik revolution, then Lenin’s revolution. After Lenin’s death, Stalin was best positioned to take over the Communist Party. Within Stalin’s rule there was two periods : His pre and post despot stages. His despotry resulted in the greatest level of centralization in Russian history. Not understanding that it is this excessive centralization that limited the USSR.

It was Stalin who was tasked with modernizing Russia. This was difficult, considering, communist’s as their consequences of their proper improper understanding of economic though; do not struggle with the with the production of goods at the lower end of the production cycle such as consumer raw materials. Tehy struggle withconsumer goods at the higher end of the production cycle.

The price system coordinates the flow of information between the various stages of production. Without prices, some information has to be centrally managed. Stalin would lament Russia’s lack of a white collar management to coordinate such information. As a result Russia, a communist state, had to purchase the capital needed from the capitalist on the world market.

Hirohito’s Japan

The Germans chose to fight a two front war. As opposed to either focusing on North Africa or operation Barbarossa. Additionally, had Hirohito’s Japan joined its ideological ally (Nazi Germany) Japan decided to attack a country, where the best case scenario was to win a war of attrition.

Japan had nothing to do with Hitler’s war effort. The Nazis could have just done nothing. Instead, chose to declare war on the uSA.

British Resilience

After the annihilation by the French Republic. Britain was left to fight the Germans alone. It made more sense prior to the Battle of Britain to make peace with the Nazis. As the Nazi in all likelihood wanted to make peace and we’re making overt attempts at the British to do so. Britain’s well documented rebuff is to be commended.

Atlas did not Shrug

Mister Charlie Lindbergh, he flew to old Berlin
Got 'im a big Iron Cross, and he flew right back again
To Washington, Washington

Hitler wrote to Lindy, said "Do your very worst"
Lindy started an outfit that he called America First
In Washington, Washington

Lindy said to Hoover: "We'll do the same as FranceMake a deal with Hitler, and then we'll get our chance
In Washington, Washington"

They say "America First, " but they mean "America Next!"
In Washington, Washington"-Lindbergh, Woody Gurthie

Atlas did not shrug off a world war. He was dragged into it when the Japanese bombed of Pearl Harbour. Unfortunately, it does not seem like he ever went back to sleep.

European federal renormalization

The European Union was created to solve a question posed by Henry Kissinger. If I want to speak to Europe, Who do I call? European federal renormalization was achieved after the conclusion of Europe’s Civil War. What started out as a common metal market, would eventually culminate in a supranational political body. The idea of a federal European state is a rational one. Japan and California, would be the second most populous European states. There are billions of people in China and India.

European success stemmed from its technological advances over other regions of the world. As these technological advances became increasingly commoditized. Europes’ small population of six hundred million and small geography  made it hard for it, as individual states to contend with what can be described as sub-continents. In the case of the uSA, China and India.

The uSA, is a federation whereby, as stated by the tenth amendment of the constitution, the state delegates power to the federal government, save for interstate commerce. Unlike the political structure of the uSA, the European Union adopted a more centralized approach which was the official death of medieval localism. Most decisions came from an unelected committee of representatives.

Overbanked Europe-A common monetary union

However, the problem with this version of the European federal state is that its definition of Europe is too expansive. There are too many unrelated countries in Europe. The European Union tried to establish a common monetary territory amongst economically diverse countries. German cars are subsidized as Greece is part of the same monetary union. In a free float economy, the Deutsche Mark would be more valuable than the euro. Causing German, automobiles to be more expensive.

The European banking system reflects the strain of European integration. The most national champions are now forced to compete with other national champions in a common market. This makes consolidation in the European banking industry a necessity.

Butter vs olive oil Europe

When we talk about Europe, we are really talking about the land east of the Volga, north of the Mediterranean and south of the Baltic. There’s also a delineation between butter and olive oil eating Europe. Fundamentally, the difference between Northern and Mediterranean Europe. France is the only country between the two seas that define Europe. There is quite a difference between Lombardy and the Cote d’Azur. European regions which share waters have greater similarity.

The Northern sea essentially encapsulates the era influenced by the Vikings. Brexit, is given a new interpretation under this definition. Anglestan is closer to mainland Europe than their fellow northern sea countries. Who, like Anglestan, did not adopt the euro as a national currency. So, a European Union amongst northern European countries would also make more sense. There is a greater participation for the European Union amongst Alpine than northern Europe.

Trans-alpine Europe

Western Europe is completely dominated by the Alps with a country on each Alpine side, (France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, etc). A European Union amongst countries of the Alps would make more sense.

After all, it makes it much easier to transport elephants to the Alps now than in the age of Hannibal. So it makes more sense that once information communication increased, there would be a renormalization to a greater scale. As these countries share a common boundary which is increasingly becoming less of a boundary as a result of better roads and tunnels. This made information communication greater between the states.

False Renormalization: a line in the sand

This point cannot be repeated enough: Europe’s two civil wars are what lead to the death of European imperialism. The uSA, in contrast, lost its empire resolving the colonial disputes of Europe. America’s interest in the Middle East should extend insofar as the flow of oil flows out of the Middle East. It has transitioned from a main oil exporter to an oil importer, due to a decrease in internal supply since the Second World War. The Americans inherited the British interest in the Middle East.

While Europe is struggling for its federal renormalization, It’s formal colonies were still struggling with their national renormalization. The Sykes–Picot Agreement agreement, essentially defines the Middle East. As the remnants of the Ottoman Empire, previously the remnants of the Persian Empire, these middle eastern countries, were devised not based on local interests but on the interest of European colonialists.

Lebanon is not a country

Lebanon’s confessional democracy was not derived from collective bargaining between Lebanon’s various religious sects, the way in which Europeans constitutional democracy was formed. The borders of the Lebanese state were not fought for by ‘Lebanese’ people. Lebanon, as a country, was created by France; to create a Christian majority country in the region with the president of Lebanon being a Maronite Christian. The Prime Minister, a Sunni Muslim. The Speaker of the House a Shia Muslim.

They have done a disastrous job to say the least. Territorial sovereignty is the basic definition of a country Lebanon’s government has never been able to secure its borders. The Syrian, Palestinian and Israeli forces ran rampant in the region. Not only could the government not deliver on internal security,  It seems, it was unable to do anything else. During the #youstink protests, wherethe government got into a dispute with the cleaning distributor, Lebanon landfills start to pile up. However, the greatest disaster in the history of la République Libanaise is Electricité du Liban (EDL), the national electricity provider.

Electricité du Liban

EDL not only does not provide acceptable coverage, with scheduled rolling blackouts being the norm, it requires massive subsidies from the Lebanese state in order to operate . This subsidy does not go towards long term energy solutions, but rather to buy fuel as EDL generates most of its electricity via fossil fuels. As a result of the state’s inability to meet the needs of his people and network of private generator contractors emerged to fill the void.


The supposed Party of God, Hezbollah, is an Iranian backed militia that was formed after the Israelie invasion of Lebanon in 1982. Hezbollah is currently responsible for maintaining the borders of the Lebanese nation state. Iran, a country of 80 million people, is able to fund this. Lebanon is the size of a small Iranian province. With much of Iran’s support concentrating on the country’s Shia population. The philanthropic efforts of Hezbollah are more expansive than the Lebanese state. Said another way, the welfare-warfare state of Hezbollah is more developed than the actual Lebanese state. Hezbollah, the shadow state within the state, is also a political party. 

The fundamental quagmire, that is Lebanon- how does a Lebanese nation state develop with such a powerful shadow state? However, the logical fallacy regarding this line of reasoning is that Hezbollah rose to power due to a failure of state. So, once the state stops failing the Hezbollah question can be better addressed.

Iran-The Shia Revival

Both Iran and Turkey, are civilizations unto themselves. These civilizations were not colonized by Western powers. As a result, they have both successfully renormalized to the national scale. Both of these proud people have only recently concluded their industrial revolutions. The principal difference between these civilizations is their relationships with the West.

What was once America’s greatest ally in the region, is now its greatest enemy. This is considered one of the greatest examples of blowback in intelligence history. Not to be outdone by themselves,  The CIA supplied arms to Saddam Hussein in his invasion of Iran. The Iran-Iraq War, the bloodiest war of the second half of the 20th century.


After ending the war, Saddam with an American-funded army invaded Kuwait. Officially, reaching blowback to the second degree by this point. As a response, the uSA conducted operation Desert Storm, absolutely annihilating Iraqi conventional forces. The subsequent removal of Saddam, increased Iran’s geopolitical influence over Iraq an otherwise Shia majority country.With the uSA, vying with Iran for influence over Iraq. The difference, however, is proximity. Iran neighbors Iraq, while the uSA needs to project an expensive sphere of influence.

The question then becomes- how valuable is Iraq to the American taxpayer as compared to those of Iran? Iraq being the natural point of territorial expansion of a strong Persian state. Iran and Iraq also share religious solidarity, in otherwise minority set of Islam. The purported Shia revival has done much to upset the traditional Sunni powers outside of American influence in the region.