The Rise of the State and the Death of God| Chapter 5| The Death of the Gods and the revolt Against Reason

The French Revolution

The French Revolution is not a revolution against the Crown.

The French Revolution is a revolution against the church.

Because it is the church that legitimises the Emperor and not vice versa. As we saw in chapter four Rome complexity in Christ.

the modern nation state is defined by its separation between church and state.

The Pope does not need to bless the president.

The more the move to separate church and state is a means of weakening the church as it no longer has sway over political matters. Giving the same ability to grow as an independent body. Now, when I was in the fourth grade in the French school, I thought it was the way the 14th through God guilty and because it did not make sense how everything went from spectacular so too, so bad so quickly. Maybe Louis, the 16th was just that bad.

Turns out that I was right however. France has been in a consistent decline since the days of the the 14th. Yes, I mean the 14th, because what people usually refer to as great men, is better described as great centralizers as we the 14th. O

n did what was Europe’s greatest advantage over the rest of the world. Europe’s mediaeval localism, when in mediaeval Europe, they existed, the centralization of power within the state, and the actions of Martin Luther will cause the division within the clergy.

Kings were unable to go and go to war whenever, as first they had to tax their nobleman and get blessings from the church. Church.

The Biggest Thing That Man Has Ever done/Europes Miracle/Man’s Domestication of work/The Industrial Revolution

I'm just a lonesome traveler, The Great Historical Bum
Highly educated from history I have come
I built the Rock of Ages, 'twas in the Year of One
And that was about the biggest thing that man had ever done-The Biggest Thing Man has ever done, Woody Guthrie

The industrial revolution is the greatest inflection point in human history since Prometheus gave man fire.

Because both of these inventions stem from the same source, man’s ability to produce energy outside of his body. Fire one of the great chaotic forces of the universe is quite frankly, unmanageable. All we can do with it is make sure it doesn’t destroy everything by managing its fuel with an air. What we can do however, is heat water. Water vapour then spins a turbine creating energy. Now we can sidestep fire altogether, and just have water spin the turbine for you to coach Woody Guthrie again.

Now river you can ramble where the sun sets in the sea,
But while you're rambling river you can do some work for me-The Biggest Thing Man has ever done-Roll Columbia Roll, Woody Guthrie

The ability the industrial revolution is fundamentally the ability to access work over one dimension of freedom the railway, two dimensions of freedom the steamboat AUTOMOBIL three dimensions of freedom aeroplane helicopter

Europe’s decentralisation allows it to expand into its colonial phase. Unlike the Chinese the building of her fleet was not centralised. So it did not take one emperor building an armada just for another to tear it down. Christopher Columbus who despite being Italian discovered the new world for the king of Spain.

Contrary to popular belief, Last Saturday, June 1 is a necessary byproduct of the Industrial Revolution. mediaeval localism, that’s a mediaeval trade with evil trade that two internal tariffs

The rise of the bourgeoisie:

Napoleon the Great:

The Birth of the Modern Nation State

Fractional Reserve Banking

that change the nature of the information communication technology of money allows for the establishment of fractional reserve banking and the the modern central bank. People with keep their gold in a warehouse that would use the issue receipts. These receipts then become banknotes than paper currency.

The First War of the Stupids

But the first war of the stupids is a war of the stupids because what was a war to fundamentally determine if What if his name was Charlemagne or Karl the Great.

A war which was the natural successor to the war of Alsace and Lorraine.

A regional war fought amongst regional powers.

Resulted in a world war.

Which invents really destroy the most complex civilization since Rome. L’Europe durant la Belle Époque.

To settle a dispute between two empires (which the war would eventually destroy).

Over the independence of a third people.

A war that was expanded with the introduction of another power over the territorial integrity of a state, literally exactly between its two biggest continental competitors.

That then needed another power to end the war.

This fresh power allowing the winning party to institute an unprecedented ‘peace’ agreement.

Which did nothing other than guarantee another war of the stupids.

Not only did that happen.

Not only did everyone who got involved think that they were going to win, they were going to do so quickly.

So yes, it was a war of a stupids.

Not only did we have to live through the unparalleled devastation, that is actually called the Great War.

The stupidity did not end there (unfortunately),

Now when one looks at a historiography of the lead up to the First World War (WW1). It is clear that everyone wanted to go to war. Unfortunately, most of them weren’t ready for war.

with the First World War resulting in the destruction of pre three empires. The two who started the thing, only to be fought by the death of European imperialism as such, after the Second World War.

The Birth of a Germany:

Fundamentally, the Great War was a war between France and Germany to determine continental supremacy.

Germany is the most recent out of all of the big European states.

As Germany with the help of with the centralizer auto Bismarck achieved the national renomilization quite late.

However, the difference between the French and the German State is that the German state is more competent.

The Last Great man to lead the French was not even French (Napoleone).

The English Empire

All the english had to do was, exactly, nothing.

Who cares about the territorial integrity of Belgium,

the United Kingdom lost a third of its wealth fighting for the integrity of a country with the conflicting national identity

The English even not even have an army to murder and literally chose to change the nature of it’s arm first forces just so that they can be stupid. Their Expeditionary Forces are about 100,000 veteran troops so swamp the Kaiser joke that he would have them arrested by the German police

Instead of strictly getting involved by using the Royal Navy to blockade Germany. You know, the thing that eventually caused Germany to surrender.

Why do that?

When you can kill millions of people?

and why have they deaths matter when they can just die constantly running at a hole in the ground, the same hole that we’ve been that’s lost than one then lost only two then when just to then lose it stupid.

Difference between Napoleonic and modern armies.

The English were under constant pressure by the French to help them reinforce the western front. During all this time, the English were hotly contested. The French were influenced in the middle east through a proxy spy war, with its closest ally for king and country.

The English seemingly forgetting that they share no border with Germany. Have the best Navy in the world. The Germans decades later cannot invade the UK with its entire army including an air force and submarine fleet.

It always makes me laugh when I’m in Kings Cross or some other station look staring at some more Memorial. Nobody cares. This is a monument to our sins. These people died for king and country. Yeah, right as if king and country meant that.

Czarist Russia

Don’t worry somehow the story gets even stupider before even doing itself.

Russia has been a paper tiger since Peter the Great.

the history of Russia bifurcates with that of Europe during the mediaeval invasion during the Mongol invasion of the world because unlike western western Russia, Western Europe, Russia, save was not saved from the wrath of the Khan. The only reason that the Mongols did not sack Paris-fortune.

Ghenghis Khan conquered the world by exploiting the internal conflicts of his enemies. As a result, the political body of the Mongols were overly centralised. After sending scouts all the way past Vienna. General Ogadai had to turn around due to death to due to a death in the family. Saving much of chrisendom.

This is an often neglected point in European history. So much so, that Russia literally chose to neglect this period in the history.

And because what does it say for the nature of European civilization as such, if it could be obliterated by someone who doesn’t look like them?

This is decisions the Russians would later regret during the Japanese Russia war on the eve of World War One, with the Japanese putting a definite example of the success of the Meiji Restoration. Whilist highlighting Russia’s inability to modernise. With the Japanese Imperial Navy absolutely annihilating the Russian Pacific Fleet. Before, then, smashing the Russian Baltic Fleet. That travelled halfway across the world, just to die.

The Mongol invasion was a complete destruction of Russia’s nobility class, effectively opting Russia out and with european localism.

Unlike the rest of Europe, Russia is characterised by incessant centralization over a large geographic area and population.

This makes Russia a less technologically innovative society.

The history of Russia is a history of centralizers. Where unlike the rest of Europe, Russia can only be changed from the top down. One great centraliser, centralises. Only for that very same centrilization to be the reason for it to be left behind, once again. Not understanding the system itself to be the problem behind innovation.

Whenever Russia finds itself at a dishonourable parity with Europe, the greater population, but some at an advantage, though the opposite is also true. This can be seen by Russia as difference in performance in the two wars of the stupids, in that sense that Russia lost to a smaller German army in the First World War. Russia sacked Berlin in the second.

This is because much of the technologies of the early industrialization Revolution had become more standardised and accessible, allowing them to be adopted in an easier fashion. Additionally, the USA was not supplying arms to Czarist Russia, like Stalin said this is a war fought with American arms and Russian men. Highlariously the workers party are bad at making things.

It is important to understand Russia. Later the Soviet Union was the first communist states sustained something must have fundamentally gone wrong for that to happen.

[Interesting to know there wasn’t a fascist revolution in Russia like that’s the rest of Europe.]

The Formerly United States of America

Teddy the cowboy Rosevelt

The first IYI President

What Was the Foundtainhead?




The Great (avoidable) Depression

The New Deal

Nazi Germany

The Second War of the Stupids:

Hirohito’s Japan

French incompetence

British Resilience

Nazi Samurai idiocy

Atlas did not Shrug

Mister Charlie Lindbergh, he flew to old Berlin
Got 'im a big Iron Cross, and he flew right back again
To Washington, Washington

Hitler wrote to Lindy, said "Do your very worst"
Lindy started an outfit that he called America First
In Washington, Washington

Lindy said to Hoover: "We'll do the same as FranceMake a deal with Hitler, and then we'll get our chance
In Washington, Washington"

They say "America First, " but they mean "America Next!"
In Washington, Washington"-Lindbergh, Woody Gurthie

Atlas did shrug a world war. He was dragged into it.

False Renormilization:Lebanon is not a country