The Future|Chapter 9| The Death of the Gods and the Revolt Against Reason


Afghanistan. The American withdrawal from Afghanistan is reminiscent of the Roman retreat from Britain less than 100 years before the fall of the empire itself. The original conquest of Anglo stand by Caesar closer to a comparison towards the moon landing, as there wasn’t much to conquer at all really anger Stan was so remote location that the ability to rule was taken as a triumph of Roman Roman technological ingenuity. So when the Romans less than that it was because they were not able to maintain the apex of empire

For many an empire has been lost in the mountains and cave of Afghanistan. The USA even credits Afghanistan with ending the USSR. Fret not because the Americans have precise weapons not understanding that you cannot precisely guide and miss out into a cave, the US the USA, how does a state respond to the aggression of a non state actor? Bush blame the state that they were housed in? The question then becomes how does one deal with the situation? Does one invade Mexico to deal with the cartels? And if you do succeed in neutralising the criminal syndicate you engage in state building in order to ensure that the cartels never return

It can be argued that after the 911 terror attacks, Americans wanted war for what amounted to be the greatest attack on the country United States since the War of Independence. The conflict with al Qaeda emblematic of the shift of scale of warfare from mass engagement between countries to countries trying to use mass armies to fight non state actors. As a result of the decreasing cost of destruction, warfare is now possible by non government institution. Warfare is officially in the postmodern age. A more sensible response would have been the use of special forces and regular and elite Lego regular forces units on an attack on al Qaeda, not a full scale invasion followed by cyclins attempts at State Building, a state that has never been achieved in the history of the Afghani people.

Private Military Contractors-An Army With No Nation

The Winder Solider:

This is the best movie Marvel ever made.

And will ever make.

Because the thing about Marvel is that they make movies.

Mass outputs begets mass standardization.

The first Avengers movie was shot in colour, not the dripless drab that we call digital.

Directed by the directors of Marvel’s supposed climax (but their biggest disapointment)-Infinity wars. 

Perhaps this is to be expected as the Russo brothers made their bones on community. Community a niche TV sitcom, is quite the shift of scale from the biggest movie of the year.

However, the reason why this movie is so good has little to do with the Russo Brothers something to do with Scarlett Johansson and most to do with Chris Evans’ Silver Age Superman impersonation. 

A lot of time (and steroids) have passed between Chris Evans role as Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four. In fact you cannot write more different characters. Chris Evans’ acting chops sort of get lost in the spandex.

He’s such a good actor in fact is almost the only one not doing a Robert Downey Jr (RDJ) impersonation. 

Marvel’s original Iron Man was the best and worst thing to happen to the studio. 

Not everyone is RDJ. 

Let RDJ be RDJ. 

So far the best RDJ impersanation came from (also Sherlock Holmes) Benedict Cumberbatch. So much so, I basically make the argument they are the same person in my Doctor Strange review below. 

The worst impersonation comes from the Hulk.

He is the Hulk, not Robert Downey Jr.

Marvel has characters in name only. There’s a complete lack of Personality saved for one Steve Rogers.

I also love how at this point Marvel are fully aware of the fact that they have no idea how to make compelling villains. So they just said screw it, and made a movie with barely a bad guy (with a very complicated plan) in order to have enough screen time for the rest of the squad.

In any estimation Civil War has the greatest fight scenes in comic movie history by far and some of the most iconic moments we’re ever going to see in the genre that I could write 1000 more words on but because I can’t do that I am going to limit it to these two scenes that give me chills everytime I see them:


AI superpowers

AI superpowers. Unlike other of China’s centralised investment strategies, the return to artificial intelligence are fat tail dominated. When it comes to artificial intelligence, China has several advantage over the rest of the world. Firstly, it has more internet users than Europe and the USA put together giving us a fundamental data edge. This is a bit of a naive opinion as European and USA companies have markets outside of the US as well.

It is leading China is also leading the world and drone technology, a great place to put an AI on however, it doesn’t matter how far tail potential returns are the same thinking which dominates Imperial China still dominates now, as China finishes catching up the problem of their centralization will be will be shown, as can be seen by the real estate crisis of 2032.

A Matriarchal Society

Things Fall Apart in the depth of the decentralised patriarchy.

The increased ability for women to attract attention has shifted the sexual marketplace where the shift towards dating favours the upper percentiles. Instagram additionally has relaxed the geographical constraints on company

psychometrics are fundamentally derived as a means of clustering a real revealed preferences of individuals, whether it be through marketing, web use, or through associated adjectives. The Big Five personality has five elements because if you look at the associative adjective, there are five two dimensional clusters. The distribution of these clusters is influenced by at birth biological sex. During the post postmodern era, there has been explosion in the number of genders. The theory postulates that those sex is predetermined people are influenced by the gender roles of their society.

The dollar symbol of yin yang, the set of male sub personality needed a small subset of female personality the symmetry holds the biggest concentration of masculine preferences and next to the smallest concentration of female preferences, this symmetry hold all represent the total set of human sub personalities. The different colours represent the different clusters.

Death of the superman

niches the death of the Superman. niche is Superman one of the most misunderstood concepts in the guise. The misunderstanding comes from translation, niches Uber men’s translate to the over man, the overband, who according to him, overcomes, overcomes what prevents him from actualizing his will to power the world power, become the world’s power because the obstacle is the way brackets meditations Marcus Aurelius from an information theoretic perspective, the will to power, as Nietzsche put it are the power processes the Unabomber put it is actualization of the minds process of adaptation to the burdens of nature. The over man is distinguished by his ability to overcome nature’s burden.

The opposite of an older man is a loser. A loser is defined as someone who’s who is in it is not able to satiate his water power. There was supposedly an argument between Alexander the Great and one of the philosophers who he brought on campaign, Alexander a new breed of intellectual gangster. After a furious argument, the philosopher told Alexander at least I have conquered the urge to conquer seemingly The First Hunter gatherers showed the same sick grizzly bear, homebrew and sapient apex predator, I will to power out of as of this writing is planetary

organised society is a simple simultaneous coordination of the of the world to power of all the members of that society. So what does it say about our society who makes it Superman feckless, Clark Kent, the archetypical representation of the Midwestern American Mickey Mantle minus the boos but from Krypton. Golden Era Superman like most Golden Era, characters were rougher than their male equivalents with golden era Batman less concerned with killing than if the mascara would tie people up more often.

Batman vs Superman

This is an argument which has ruined many friendships among the nerds and wannabe nerds alike. Because on the one hand it is a very stupid question and on the other it just a stupid question. It is very stupid in the sense that these are fictional characters whose trials and tribulations are determined by humans with biases. So the answer to who would win in a fight between the two depends on who is writing the story and at what point in their lives they are writing it.

It is a very stupid question in the sense that Superman for all intent and purposes is a god. So if he wanted to kill Batman he could just punch the earth kind of hard and destroy all current and future life on this planet. And if Batman were to escape on his lunar base, well Superman could just blow that place up too.

Because at this point, who’s keeping count?

But we know Superman doesn’t want to kill Batman that badly. After all, they’re bros, right? Well, I am not so sure about that. I am confident that in the current continuity Superman genuinely thinks of Batman as a close friend. But I am more skeptical if Batman thinks of Superman as a friend. Or at the very least we cannot assume that Batman thinks of Superman that way.

This is because trusting someone is profoundly antithetical to Batman’s nature. Remember, that Batman was not only an orphan but a rich one at that. Everything that everyone told him to trust about society blew up in his face when his parents, were literally, blown up in his face. This caused Batman to discover that all societal institutions and norms which say that bad stuff doesn’t happen to good people (more precisely bad stuff doesn’t happen to good rich people) weren’t true. So as a result of that you can trust nothing and no one, not even yourself.

After all, Batman does have a backup personality on standby in case he is a victim of mind control. Because who doesn’t have a backup personality?

So now that we’ve established that Batman cannot trust anybody then how is it possible for him to make friends. After all, isn’t trust a necessity of friendship?

The first thing I would say that this depends on the level of friendship. The dude you play pickup hoop with, although he is your friend, you don’t need to trust him.

However, as you become close friends with someone you need to open yourself up more and by extension trust more. Or at least give off the illusion of trust. For example, Superman may feel like Batman trusts him because he knows Batman’s secret identity and his trauma.

But from the Batman’s point of view, these are just pawns he is giving up to get closer to the most powerful man on earth.

For example, in a recent Justice League comic book Batman insists that they allow Luthor to be part of the Justice League so that they can keep an eye on him.

What’s that old saying, keep your friends close but your enemies closer?

Batman’s modus operandi has always been to allow people through the superficial layer of friendship so that they can trust him, but he will never trust them.

I am perhaps overly harsh on the matter. It is possible after spending all this time with Superman Batman actually trusts and likes him. But my point is, at the very least, at the beginning of their friendship Batman wanted to get close to Superman and the best way to do so was to become his friend.

So now that we’ve established that the two are not necessarily bros. Who would win in a fight?

In order to answer this question, we first must examine all the times the two have fought in the lore. This is because any Batman prior to the Bronze Era would be mercilessly massacred by Superman. In addition to this for a long time Superman basically had no cap on his power and was surprisingly ruthless.

It’s kind of weird to think about, but the Batman the ultimate tactician is a very recent phenomenon in comic book culture. It was when Grant Morrison in the Justice League of America that this new Batman emerged. And if I can quote myself after 1997

The point of Batman in both culture at large and comics, in particular, is that he is the ultimate manipulator. He’s the person with a plan B for everything and just like every underdog in history; he manages to out-think his opponents. He’s a sort of warrior Spock whose brute force and infallibility makes the ideal hero to root for.-Me

And the cool thing about this new version of Batman is that he and Superman have fought a lot. Most of the times because one was mind controlled (you know comic book stuff). But on a couple of occasions, they fought for principle and more importantly ego.

Okay, so we know which Batman we have, and we are aware which Superman we have. So who would win in a fight?

People fight for a lot of things. I fight with my brother about video games, I don’t necessarily want to murder my brother because of it (yet). So saying who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman isn’t really asking anything. As a fight could constitute anything from a minor fracas to the fate of the world. So in order to see who would win in a fight I am going to have to look at all the times the two fought in the comics. And try to extrapolate some major themes in all their conflicts.

Suffice it to say that Batman, for the most part, has pretty much kicked Superman’s ass every time they’ve met in the comics. Batman nerds are quick to point about how in The Dark Knight Returns Batman pretty much embarrassed Superman. After beating him to a pulp Batman would tell Superman

I want you to remember Clark. In all the years to come. In your most private moments. I want you to remember my hand at your throat. I want you to remember the one man who beat you

Batman wanted to show Superman what it meant to be human. He wanted him to know the despair he felt as a kid when his parents were murdered in front of him. Batman held a god in his hands and showed him that he, did in fact, bleed.

Fast forward to the Dark Knight III: (the sequel to the Dark Knight Returns also written by Frank Miller). An evil cult of Kryptonians are trying to take control of the earth. So Batman and Superman put aside their respective differences for the greater good (you know comic book stuff). The 9 part series ends with Superman having to confront five Kryptonians who are younger, faster and stronger than him. Batman steps up to help, Superman puts his hand on Batman’s chest.

 Batman would proclaim that It felt “like the whole world pressing against my chest.”“No” Superman exclaimed, “the world needs a Batman.”Superman nonchalantly walks up to a group of murderous, psychopathic Kryptonians.At first, he wanted to feel them out. He was probably wondering, how much do I need to hold back?

This is because when Superman fights, he’s not fighting to win. He’s fighting to not hurt you. Because it’s just so damn easy for him to do so. In the animated series Justice League: Unlimited Superman has to fight Darkside (who for all intent and purposes is a god).

Darkside pushes Superman to the side.Batman tries to take Darkside out.He fails miserably.What’s a king to a god?Superman gets up, punches Darkside across the room. And opens up for some introspection.He tells the New God.

I feel like I live in a world made of cardboard. Always taking constant care not to break something. Not to break someone. Never allowing myself to lose control […] because someone could die. But you can take it, can’t you big man?

When Superman fights people who “can take it.” He is presented in his words “with a real opportunity to cut loose.” From that point, Darkside was nothing but a toy to him. One of the most powerful beings in all the universe is to Superman what a toddler is to Mike Tyson.

So when Superman confronts the Kryptonians, he lets them kick him around for a few panels. After seeing their power levels. He catches a punch, then begins to throw a few of his own.

Batman can be heard in the back.

He would ask himself, “Dear God.”

As if God is not in front of him.

That son of a bitch has been holding back all these years”.

The rise of the nerds

Now there is a definitive end to the Golden Age of comic cinema.

The exact moment Sylvester Stallone makes an appearance on screen. 

Silvester Stallone- formerly Sly Stallone before the filming of Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Once the Pinnacle of 1980s masculinity is now  in a space movie featuring talking raccoon in a tree?.

Rocky Balboa perhaps quite literally took a few too many as his appearance. I cannot stress this enough was actually completely/absolutely/totally incomprehensible. 

The reason for that is that Rambo was never meant to be on Star Trek.

The revenge of the Nerds is now complete.

The Revenge of the nerds [a series of movies].  Of which I have only seen 76 minutes of the sequel (Because that is the exact amount of time to watch a revenge of the Nerds movie). Can only be viewed in the greater context of rising nerd culture.

The rise of the nerds closely paroling the rise of computing as such. Can first be spotted in the aforementioned Star Trek with the transition from Kirk to Picard.

This is a transition so hallowed in Dorkdom that it was part of the pilot of the Big Bang Theory highlighting two Dorks meeting in their natural habitat.

Kirk or Picard one mutters.

Picard over Kirk.

But original over Next Generation


Because the king of the dorks the head dork himself-Mr Spock. A character who the dorks believe to embody logic. Is actually a character of repression.

A repression, which led him to make out ironically with a member of the cast of the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 in 2009’s Stark Trek. (This made the nerds very upset.)

Now it is worth comprehending that the United States is a place in time and space seemingly devoid of it-it is about the now. America does sometime fall in love with its past as can be seen by the success of the Barry Crockett Disneyland shows.

The Kobayashi Maru

This makes it a very special place, as it is about the only culture in existence who could have produced the Kobayashi Maru.

Kobayashi Maru or the Impossible situation is a tail straight out of the old country.

But only in the USA can there be a hero who beats the impossible (by cheating).

Kirk is better thought of as a  Space Cowboy resembling American action movies heroes of yore. Than stage actor Jon Stewart who basically stayed in character throughout the duration of the X-Men franchise. Stewart brought let’s just say a less red blooded performance, but still with some iconic moments

After all 

“The line will be drawn here. No further. “

Now we seem to be at the peak of nerd culture, like I said before comic movies are now a thing.

However it is hard to understand when this exact point in cinema actually started.

The creators of 2003’s Hulk called each other worried after having seen Sam Rami’s Spider-Man. Saying that their Hulk movie wouldn’t do well because Spiderman created a genre. Seemingly ignoring the fact that the climax of their movie consists of the Hulk (the embodiment of physical rage) fighting a cloud (which also happens to be his father at the same time). Yes, really.   

Crediting the birth of the comic movie genre to Spiderman has more to do with the critical success of the film. Spiderman being the Apex of Amy Pascal’s reign as head of Sony Pictures than the actual truth of the matter.

However if you wanted to say when this golden age started I would say with Hugh Jackman’s original X-Men franchise (starring captain Picard as Professor X).

Wonder Woman the Pagan

“Why not?” she said, “and take note of what I am about to say to you. Never feel secure with the woman you love, for there are more dangers in woman’s nature than you imagine. Women are neither as good as their admirers and defenders maintain, nor as bad as their enemies make them out to be. Woman’s character is characterlessness.


The best woman will momentarily go down into the mire, and the worst unexpectedly rises to deeds of greatness and goodness and puts to shame those that despise her. No woman is so good or so bad, but that at any moment she is capable of the most diabolical as well as of the most divine, of the filthiest as well as of the purest, thoughts, emotions, and actions. In spite of all the advances of civilization, woman has remained as she came out of the hand of nature. She has the nature of a savage, who is faithful or faithless, magnanimous or cruel, according to the impulse that dominates at the moment. Throughout history it has always been a serious deep culture which has produced moral character. Man even when he is selfish or evil always follows principles, woman never follows anything but impulses. Don’t ever forget that, and never feel secure with the woman you love.”

― Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, Venus in Furs

Wonder woman cannot be a feminist. because Wonder Woman is a pagan.

Pagan ideology does not allow for identification with others based on a shared intersectional trait.

Wonder Woman was originally created by a man who liked BDSM

The Feminist Revolution is a result of the shift in information technology. First Wave uses a modern printing press system. Second wave the establishment of television third wave the establishment of the internet.

The rapid propagation of smartphones and the postmodern era 2015 decrease the cost of attracting attention allowing for an increase in the power of femininity.

This is evidenced by the rise of the #metoo movement. In the sense that has always been the issue of sexual assault and entertainment. Only after 2015 with a woman able to stop it.

When we now live in a decentralised matriarchy.

The Amazons

Amazon’s I first mentioned the greatest story ever told the Iliad, the siege of Troy, the Amazon’s come in defence of the great city. At first, the kings were confused as they did not want to fight women. However, rally to the cause they proceed to war with Amazon’s although eventually defeated, the Amazonians did fight. valiantly. The Trojan Women at the sides of these warriors wanted to join the war, before the mob was stopped by a priestess, reminding them that the Amazonians were bred since birth for combat.

They were not and would not, they would they were not and would just be getting into the way. Norse mythology has a similar story bracket. The recursion pattern in that archetypical representation is that if trained, women can be combat effective, ultimately less than their male counterparts. However, their effectiveness comes to the emotions as a sacrifice the sacrifice of their beauty, or their femininity literally, as they were known to cut off their boobs for better archery.

Battle of the sexes

Hey, guys, this first story was of a woman brackets and his maiden when upon war, the war man leaves his beloved to go to the front. After some time the war man gets injured and sends a friend to notify his wife, the maiden, much of the surprise of no one then proceeds to sleep with his friend, because she’s been lonely. Look, the war man finds out about this and instead of using the tried and tested method of FDB I will let you figure out that acronym. The woman sacrifices himself, the war man sacrifices himself in glorious combat. If the idiot showed us.

that death through lawyers combat can rectify a blood crime. It can also rectify you being cooked according to the woman of girthy story, a perfect encapsulation of intrasexual competition with love and war as to respect the dimensions.

Hercules The most famous man in ancient Greece can be thought of as the Greek male mimetic ideal. In the first store of Hercules bracket, the second set of Hercules brackets. Hercules also makes an appearance in the siege of the city of Troy, where during a sack, his close friend Telemon, broke through the Trojan ranks. When Hercules heard the Royals of praise towards Tawny Man, he started furiously, ready to impart violence on his best friend told him however, knowing his friend, we were soon to raise the shine shrine to Hercules in order not to be murdered by him.

had technical definition of toxicity before a technical definition of toxic and before a technical definition on how masculinity and feminine can be toxic in their own ways. Toxic another word for evil. Evil refers to the lack of scalability. In terms of information theory, the ability for one node in the graph to be part of an increasing network. Toxic masculinity refers to the ability of the nodes to take the behaviour of the group.

Toxic femininity is the ability of the group to dominate the behaviour of the individual. Both masculinity and femininity can be toxic in the same way when one node dominates the masculinity femininity of a group. A woman who doesn’t let other women be prettier, or a man who forces his children to speak in a high pitched voice.

Women are a lot more accepting of the behaviour of other women than men are. Compared to the behaviour of other men. This is evidenced in the dichotomy between male and female attire because people let each other only wear what they deem acceptable. Try as a boy or girl wearing a miniskirt in the kingdom of the House of Saud. Woman let each other wear more than men, after all, with regard to told us bracket. The reason for this is that male behaviour is more homogenised, because what society requires a man war requires less individuality than socialising.

When it comes to the Greek occupied archetypical story about toxic femininity, we must look at the story of Perseus specifically his girlfriend bracket. When a classic Greek trope playing the damsel in distress, was about to be eaten by a sea monster tied to a rock by some other women for being too attractive.

anthropologists do not believe in differences amongst population even if there were the nature of sample areas such that the variance within population is greater than the variance between populations.

Hypergamy-The Red Pill

The Red Pill. Female mating patterns diverge from their that of their male counterparts in the sense that most women have children most men do not. On a dating website men show more meritocratic selection whilst females tend to favour the same men. Previously to social media, there was a geographic constraint on coupling, people could only really meet with people in person, which allowed this effect to be suppressed.

This is a mess, men are less selective with their mating partners. There is a former anecdote a famous anecdotes of Muhammad Ali, he shows past models in the hotel lobby, only to have sex with the cleaning lady. When asked why he replied, she’s never going to forget it. She’s always going to appreciate it. On average, women are less likely to date dumber, poor, less attractive, less affluent men. They tend to make pro socially. Therefore, it is important to take into account the rise of political polarisation in the West comes from a subgroup of men just not getting laid.

Due to the rise of the decentralised matriarchy, the grievances, which were highlighted by the metoo movement existed prior to the move to movement at a specific moment in time these grievances were made public thereby lifting to America characterising sexual harassment and entertainment or the history of sexual harassment as such.

female sexual optionality-birth control

Free love-the sexual revolution

Web 3.0-Decentralized Cyberspace

Cloud computing

After a certain point, shared cyberspace starts to overtake private cyberspace (the personal computer). Google during its early history was the world’s largest computer manufacturer. Their best client being themselves. Manufacturing only their own internal servers Google made more computers than anyone on earth.

The only difference between private cyberspace (the personal computer) and shared cyberspace (The Internet) is the location of the data. Is it stored on your hard drive or Google’s data server? The shift from hard drive to Cloud Storage started with Google Docs and other related products.

Unlike traditional computing, cloud computing has two bottlenecks to overcome, not one. Both suffer from the fundamental bottleneck of computers. The amount of binary digits that can be fetched and retrieved per cycle.

While cloud computers have to contend with fetching and retrieving these digits over a larger geographical area. The distance between your terminal and Google’s servers being greater than the distance between your CPU on the terminal. Internet speed and coverage, currently the dimensions by which cloud computing scales over.

The journey to the cloud is a gradual one. The same efficiency arguments in favour of self driving cars apply to cloud computing. The minimization of slack. As most of the processing power is unused most of the time as most people spend their time idle on the computer versus using it.


Cyber currency

Money is an economic good just like anything else the value of money stems from it being a medium of information communication, specific the value of the relative scarcity of that economic good at that point in time. The purchasing power of any individual monetary unit is equivalent to the total number of monetary units over the total value of goods and services.

The greatest person since Steve Jobs being Satoshi Nakamoto. Nakamoto being the inventor of the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin, a response to the financial crisis in 2008. And, and the rise of post postmodern economics in the form of quantitative easing (QE).

Most of the arguments regarding the general nature of cryptocurrency dispute the value of a digitial coin. Most of these arguments ignore the fundamental definition of money as use as a useful medium of exchange, cryptocurrencies provide a useful medium of exchange for countries trying to evade the international dollar SWIFT system.

on a micro scale, they easier to send large sums of money with cryptocurrency. Than through the traditional banking sector




Smart contracts

Non fungible tokens and private cyberspace

The Dark Web

What makes the dark web so dark? Unlike the regular web, you cannot see who uses it. The Wild Wild West www of cyberspace is currently being sustained by the American intelligence agencies. in order to ensure, that operators are able to share information securely.

The same being true for anyone for that matter. That’s the problem or the solution. depending from what perspective you take. The Dark Web still has not gone mainstream. So the only people using it are the people who can’t use the regular web. the content on there is therefore a reflection of this. Mostly consistent of otherwise illegal services.

The paradox of the dark web is it’s limited scale. more illegal pornography being hosted on the worldwide web than the dark web. However, the difference between these two are the several dozens order of magnitude difference between the data stored on them. The worldwide web allows for opportunities to hide in plain sight. Well, the dark web scrambles your IP, allowing you to anonymously reach the Tor browser.

The Silk Road

Nazi’s in cyberspace

Chan sites + Reddit

In terms of the dark places on the regular web, we look no further than the bulletin board sites mentioned along in decreasing orders of depravity. 4chan hn, Reddit. Whereby in the chant family of sites, unlike traditional social media, users retain the anonymity allowing for a level of depravity that is not that is not even profitable, as most of the users interested in the free as there are more users interested in the free show than in illegitimate social media.

However, discussions, which originates on the on this ‘chan’ sites if they were into traditional social media and on the desk, traditional social media then makes its way to corporate media, completing the cycle of the expression from notes of the underground. these notes becoming increasingly louder as they’re more people now writing them, a trend increasing with increasing population density is by cyberspace. The layout of these nodes get the less they accepted across traditional social media platforms, with the current emphasis on de-platforming, unable to depart from people from the web itself, due to the open nature of its protocol.

The Napster Generation

the ability to share contact digitally is just a natural function of the speed of navigating cyberspace.

People started sharing content with each other once they could share content with each other,

fundamentally a natural evolution in information technology was repressed, repressed by industry by industry incumbents. who use the state to cartelise their industry.

music piracy went away once it became convinenint to buy content using the same medium.

Your defence against piracy is the cost of convenience.

The nature of attention economics is such that despite not making money on the original sale, attention products are fat tail dominated so it’s so many mutually beneficial trade if someone pirates your content.

Agent Smith-Political Correctness

The Groupchat

As shared cyberspace is increasingly filled with ideological ideological landmines. The group chat remains a relatively safe space for refuse. With future social media is built on the shared media of the self selected private networks.

The Homepod

Google is a step up to the world leader in Google is set up to be the world leader in artificial intelligence, specifically machine learning auto indexation, as there are many types of artificial intelligence was one of the is the goal of Google to index information, they actually have the data to do so. But at some point, they lack the portal to cyberspace. Despite its superior technology, the most famous personal assistant is Apple’s Siri

The internet of things

The Home pod is essentially a smart speaker pioneered by Amazon replicated by everyone else. This should come as no surprise that a company without an orthodox portal to cyberspace with Pioneer and new one, Alexa, the smart in the smart speaker refers to the AI personal assistant embedded in the device.

The successful integration of the speaker in the ecosystem of computing, the rest of the computing industry would follow suit with their own smart speaker, usually a half hearted attempt with a digital assistant being bundled with an average speaker. The home pod market is a microcosm for the respective country compute computing ecosystems that each company provides.

The Universal Remote

The homepod is the spiritual successor to the virtual remote the dream device of nerds in the early aughts. The fundamental question of the universal remote being how many household appliances are accessible by the universal remote. With home appliances becoming increasingly smart smartness refers to the extent to which multiprocessors are integrated as part of an appliance with as all appliances already have an electronic circuit. This is what allows you to have multiple options on your washing machine. Now ironically, the company best suited for a homepod is the only company not making one.


Samsung, who prior to Google‘s Ascendance in the smartphone industry was the second best smartphone manufacturer in the world. In addition to being one of the best air conditioning television, other household appliance company in the world, the true definition of a semiconductor company. Now they have they however, like a home pod to tie all these features together.