The End|Chapter 9| The Death of the Gods and the Revolt Against Reason

The Siege of Troy-The first world war

Cascading Complexity Catastrophe-Gaia’s Death

The death of the bees means something in information-theoretic terms.

The Nuclear option

Monetary Entropy

Growth itself is the bracket Easterlin paradox, if this growth is not met, the scapegoats process occurs. Desire and it’s only associated associated emotion envy is returned mint on a relative basis, putting society in an awkward quagmire. How are the descendants of serfs and slaves with more material luxury than the King of France without syphilis? Still talking about the lack of material wants.


The Scapegoat

As the scapegoat mechanism, from an information theoretic perspective, the most different gets scapegoated which can be measured not purely on a genetic basis, but some function of genes and culture, nature versus nurture, but fundamentally a means of identification. When a society a network of nodes gets frustrated, it selects the most different person for sacrifice. This process is formalised and visualised by the Native South America’s with humans sacrificing a natural part of life in the worse. In the West, this process is less recognised because what categorises the scapegoat is that the scapegoat does not have to make sense. It doesn’t actually have to alleviate the frustrations behind the need to scapegoat it can but does not have to instance of farming removing a mouth helps in case of plague, removing a possible virulent host helps. It is most different, not the most moribund, which get which gets scapegoated. It’s the most different, not the most bad, which gets scapegoated the reason that people.

The reason people give for skateboarding isn’t exactly true. Take Oedipus for example, you probably think he steps he slept with his mom, the story of Oedipus puts so embedded in our society that the term Oedipus complex is codified in psychology, as the best was the best of men, which is why they killed them. And this is why Socrates hated man. He understood the scapegoat, so when it came for him, it didn’t fight it. One could argue that the scapegoat mechanism may be fundamental to democracy, and the Open Society, recently making a resurgence in cyberspace Jesus Christ, the scapegoat to endorse scapegoats. Fascism from a scapegoating perspective, is just the separation of self similar groups from a non self similar outgroup with good for the in group and evil for the out group. self similarity determined principally on geographic basis forms the state, not the other way around, under the fascist mindset. Ironically, the fascist promotion of Nietzsche is uneducated. Fundamentally, Nietzsche loves to make fun of mindless copycats. The only thing more mindless in the fascist is a communist. Nisha calls the homogeneity causes homogeneity the herd. Given the fact that people are unable to service that on their own, they must make recourse to the herd to cope with their inadequacy. However, complexity at one scale comes at the expense of complexity on another scale, the herd demands sacrifice your individuality. The world powers in another way is the world of self expression. The world to overcome the homogeneity of the hurt the cultural conditioning, constraining the Overman.

The Joker

If you ask me-what the Joker is?I would reply chaos. If you ask me who the Joker is?I would tell you the Anti Christ the anti-christ. The anti-christ, specifically, the mimetic ideal which undergoes the prisoner’s dilemma reality. if you ask me why the Joker is?I would tell you that he heard a joke.


The Killing Joke exactly.The Killing Joke being Alan Moore’s take on the Joker’s origin story.Where an unfunny comic loses his wife and baby in addition to being dropped in a chemical (quite the day). That comic (the Joker) then tries to share the same feeling within Jim Gorden. 

The Joker wants to prove a point. All people need is one big push. Before they themselves start their descent into madness.He is trying to say that, all crazy people just people who have been chosen by fortune.You are not crazy because you are have not been touched by fortune.

Technically said, in the parlance of option finance-life is high gamma. Gamma being the second order of the derivative. Acceleration in a physics. Nassim Taleb shows us that high gamma objects are fragile. 

Now David Hackworth gives an analogy.

“Man is like a bottle. Some bottles are smaller than others. When his bottle fills up, when it overflows. It’s time for him to get away to get the fear to drain out. But even then. There is a catch: that man is a spent cartrage and no amount of gun powder will make him a real fighter again”.

In the case of the Joker.His bottle broke.All he is left with is the structureless structure of self.As was portrayed in the 2019 movie of the same name, the Joker is just someone who has seen too much. Nolan’s Joker, theorised to be a PTSD’d vet. Disillusioned that nobody seems to care about the war a continent away. The Joker tries to reveal humanities’ nature to itself. 

He does this by rigging a boat filled with explosive. One with convicts and another with good Samaritans.The plot of the Dark Knight is straight out of Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment.This is Dostoevsky’s attempt to say that there’s more to life than the selfish gene. Dostoevsky spends the first half of Crime and Punishment setting up a selfish, but not necessarily guiltless murder. Despite the supposed righteousness of his cause, the protagonist eventually turns himself over to the police.

This point, the greatest point that Christopher Nolan is trying to make. Is sort of lost in the climax of an action movie (sort of like interstellar).What Nolan gets wrong, but the 2019 Joker movie of the same name so perfectly encapsulates. People follow the Joker.That’s what makes the Joker so dangerous.He changes other people’s behaviour.What Nolan gets right. What Heath Ledger so perfectly understood. Is given words by Alfred. “Some men just want to watch the world burn” The pople were meant to eat each other.And after all they did.and after all day did no one told the Killing Joke to those on the boat. The only one who heard it.Not the hero they deserve.The hero they needed.Harvey Dent

The Shadow

From an information theoretic perspective. The shadow, is the accumulation of non actualized intent. This is in contrast to the notion of behaviourism psychology. or its collasry in economics, revealed preference theory. Whereby people’s intent can be derived from their actions. However, people are capable of repressing action as Ford showed us. These repressing factors being Freud’s emphasis in psychotherapy. The best archetypical representation of the shadow comes from cult classic film and novel, Fight Club.

To a Jungian depth psychologist, the fact that in mass media. Villains, recurrently sport a black hat. Means people associated villany, with black hatted-ness. Interestingly, drama based on villany are now economically viable. If one considers drama, an act of associated self expression.This is extraordinary disconcerting. with TV shows such as The Sopranos, a drama about the mafia considered classics of American television. The 2019 Joker movie, perhaps the best example of this.

From an information theoretic perspective, the audience identifies with the character they spend the most time. with the character acting as an avatar for the viewer shadow. Where seemingly as long as the movie is shot from the villains perspective, the audience maintains feel fielty. There are degrees of villainy with, no shows about genocidal maniacs as a protagonist.

Notes from the underground

The Moon and Mars

Robots vs Cyborgs

Artificial General Inteligence (AGI)

I often find myself comparing the pursuit of an Artificial General intelligence (AGI) to the pursuit of life trying to escape this solar system. In the sense, even when we succeed in sending life past our sun, it is still an awfully long way to the next one. For a bit of context, not only do we not know how to send life past our moon, we have little idea how we would send it past our sun and if we could do that, there is no idea how to get to the next one.

Firstly and most importantly there is literally no such thing as a generally intelligent being. We live in a physical universe, intelligence is always going to have to dedicate some portion of itself to navigating space. Secondarily, a sentient intelligence is not going to take too kindly to its existence being called artificial. A more robust term would be man made intelligence, as that is what we are literally trying to do-make intelligence.

It is also worth defining the goals of artificial intelligence. What are we trying to do here? Are we trying to make something smarter than humans? Are we trying to replicate human level intelligence? Or is AI just an extension of the bicycle of mind that is the computer?

Firstly, the hardest and most pointless of all these pursuits is trying to replicate human intelligence fully. Because computers would then try to signal value by decorating themselves with shiny rocks, sacrifice their fellow kin if the harvest has been lackluster and would make mistakes with basic arithmetic. A much better idea would be the development of an AI which helps compliment human intelligence. In the sense that humans have terrible memories, but when was the last time a computer forgot something? 

Even though neural nets took their inspiration from how the neurons in the brain operates. It makes little difference how inspired artificial intelligence researchers are by the human brain because computers encode information on a binary and nature on a quantum level. Before you start talking to me about quantum computers, it’s worth understanding Roger Penrose’s point on the matter. Schrödinger was trying to show us a problem with his equation by showing us that his equations lead to a paradox. How can the cat be dead or alive? There is a problem here. My interpretation (I am not a physicist, I am an information theorist) is that Schrödinger’s equation returns the possibility space. 

Self Driving Cars


Rogue AI-The Hal 9000 Conundrum

The cyborg

Games in cyberspace

Nowhere has the rise of cyberspace have been has been more noticable than the rise of video games. Video games, as a computer program were so computationally intensive that the first games were hardwired. Each game was a specific circuit, which can only run one game. Everygame was a new circuit. Additionally, you had to go to a physical place in space to play video games- the legendary arcade.

The arcade went by the way of the brick and mortar chess club, but is poised for a resurgence . in the VR era for the same reason as before. The high cost of information technologies forces people together. As these technologies progress, people buy them themselves. The decreasing cost of computing made arcades less relevant with the introduction of the home console and gaming computer. Demand curves being downward sloping. Increase ease of access to games leads more people attention towards them. A literal increase in the size of cyberspace.

These cyberspace worlds become increasingly salient and increasingly networked. Although the Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64 pioneered the home console market. It was not until the publication of Doom. The subsequent lan based deathmatches. Did games become a phenomenon. Doom outsold Windows XP, a startling phenomena when you consider that both programs exploit the most recent developments of computer graphics. The ability to project three dimensional images. John Carmack, the developer of the Doom being one of the greatest programmers of his generation.

A computer can only represent so much information on screen. The minimum subdivision of which is call a pixel. The number of pixels I can display on screen is the resolution. Computers can only fetch and retretive so much information per cycle (or second). The lower the resolution, the less pixels I have, the faster I can exchange what is on-screen. This is why you e-sports player’s don’t game on the highest possible resolution.

The game will be slower. 

Despite the increasing level of computation (indexation). Most credit the Golden era of video games from the arcade games of the 70s to the computer games of the 1990s. Personally, I declare the end of the Golden era of gaming with the release of Microsoft’s Xbox in 2001 (my first console). Although, in theory, games, should have gotten better. As we are able to represent more information on the screen in a quicker way,. It’s been all downhill since Halo.

In fact, even Halo is not safe anymore. 

In 2014, the iconic franchise was remastered. One could either play with 2001’s graphics or 2014’s. I went with 2001’s (and it wasn’t for nostalgia).The new graphics are annoying. As most of the advances in computer processing go toward texture rendering. Making objects look more detailed is nice. But I am here to defend the earth from an alien invasion. Ideally, the background does not distract.

At the end of the day, in-depth texture rendering itself is almost a useless pursuit. As nature encodes information on a quantum level, computers (ordinateur) on a binary. This is the biggest obstacle against virtual reality. Preventing it from being used as anything other than a substitute for a monitor (TV or computer).The mind likes fractal roughness.Making augmented reality (AR) the better bet. As you can think of an electronic billboard as an example of an AR. 

Nintendo understand this implicitly as most of the games are drawn as cartoons. What Disney Animation did in 1937. Took George Lucas’ Industrial Light Magic until the 1990s to achieve.

Despite Nintendo’s Switch being slower. It manages to compete with the newer consoles. 

What matters is that the gameplay is fun.

Yes, you do get used to a certain level of graphical processing.

But after a point.

It is the same.

As increasing computation (indexation) and programming complexity has actually made the industry paradoxically worse.

Bigger games need bigger teams forcing consolidation of the industry.

We know from Taleb’s minority rule that preferences adapt to the intolerant minority. 

Less studios and bigger teams make the industry worse off as nothing is as riské.

Remember people wanted to pull Doom from the shelf.


What the Budha said

Indian budhism ,